Friday, August 26, 2016

Hitler Attacks Ann Coulter: She Trusted Donald Trump!

(UPDATE: The title change reflects that I've added a hilarious video about Hitler hearing Trump has dumped his plan for deportation.You'll love the video. It's at the end of this post so I can trick you into reading to the end!)

Some days start out so great that you are glad to get out of bed. Such be today.

Word has come that Ann Coulter is having "apoplexy" thanks to Donald Trump.

Why, you ask?

Ostensibly because he's reversed himself on his signature campaign promise to deport the 11 million non-documented workers in this country.

Poor Ann. She has just written a book stating that "the only unforgivable sin Mr. Trump could commit would be to shift on immigration."

Which he has just done. Hence her apoplexy. (That's one of those words like Eyg...Egypt... that's hard to spell but irreplaceable.) 

May I be suspicious —as a writer — of the real cause of Ms. Coulter's rage? I truly think it's not because Trump has reversed himself on his key position but because he's absolutely ruined the debut of her new book.

The title of which is ..... get ready for this!....."In Trump We Trust."

I can well imagine how upset a writer would be to have her brand new book made trash by its subject. For doing this trashing to Coulter, I could just hug Donald Trump if I wasn't afraid of his hair. 

For more about Trump's gymnastics on the deportation issue, check out my posting of 4 days ago that beat the NY Times by two days:  Trump's Newest Big Mistake, and It Is Yuuuge

Have a happy day. I sure am!  And now WATCH THIS wherein Hitler hears that Trump has reversed himself on deportation. "Ann Coulter" is in it too!

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