Thursday, November 1, 2012

Romney: Desperate and Dumb in the Stretch

The Romney campaign has hit the wall.  Polls this week in the swing states show him behind in all but North Carolina.  Nate Silver today gives Obama a 79% chance of winning, with 300 electoral college votes! The myth of Romney's "momentum" has exploded for all to see.

Beyond the polls, it appears Romney too thinks he's losing.  Why else tell such a whopper about Jeep production being moved from the U.S. to China?  Why else risk the result:  public repudiation by the car makers?  Both Jeep and parent Chrysler published angry statements that the Romney' assertion was a lie.  When did you last see a car company doing THAT?

The sudden way-too-late Romney dump of money in Pennsylvania and Minnesota is another indicator of wild desperation.  Romney hopes to convince the media and his followers that he is "expanding his electoral college map" so as to "threaten" Obama's chances.  No.  If Romney has any rationale at all, he's likely just poking for a weak spot in Obama's dominance in the swing states.  But any candidate who is trailing in Wisconsin and Iowa, as is Romney, is not going to swing Pennsylvania and Minnesota away from a Democrat who has a more substantial lead in those two states than in the other two.  Not in less than one week.  The Romney campaign and its super pacs simply have too much money and are spending it too late on the wrong things in the wrong places.

But let's bring it closer to home.

I got a robocall yesterday from the Republican National Committee trying to persuade me that we should elect Romney so we can use more coal and gas.  Why call a Democrat?  Why this repugnant message to an environmentalist who helped found the movement?  A Sierra Club member.  Where's the vaunted GOP intel on all the voters?

These GOP folks are floundering!

More floundering.  Two mailing pieces this past week from an undecipherable group, obviously a GOP front, pushing the idea that Jews are abandoning Obama for not being helpful to Israel.  Any Jew who can read probably has heard of the Israeli defense minister's statement that Obama has done more to help Israel's security than any prior president.

Bu here's the kicker.  The mailings were addressed to a relative who hasn't lived here for twelve years.  TWELVE YEARS!  Talk about using an out-of-date list of Jewish Democratic voters!

And the crazy bumper sticker my daughter saw yesterday.  Something about Obama being so bad he makes George W look good.  Stupid message printed in dark blue on black so you had to get inches away to read any of it except the Obama name in yellow.  Amateur hour v. "Mad Men".

So much for the "business efficiency" of the Romney organization.  So much for letting a "job-creator", private sector, we-know-it-all business guy who can run the country.  The fool can't even run a campaign!

Not only is Romney's flailing a waste of his resources but it diminishes his image just when Obama's is soaring because of his ever-so-presidential response to the Sandy Storm crisis.  (A poll today shows 80% of the folks approve of the job Obama's doing in this crisis.)

As for the Romney flailing:  Yeah.  I know.  Two mailings, one bumper sticker, and a robocall to one little old lady in the mountains of Pennsylvania are pretty small potatoes.  But I think the mistakes here may seem small to an outsider because this area is so out of the way.  (It's not the end of the world, we always say, but you can see the end of the world from the top of the ridge.)  Isn't it likely that he who is making mistakes in small places is likely making mistakes in big things too?  Like in spending last minute bucks in states Obama has a 5% or better lead in instead of piling into where the lead is less solid?

And a mustache is on the line.  Obama's key guy, David Axelrod, has offered to shave off his major mustache of 40 years if Romney wins Pennsylvania, Michigan or Minnesota.  And Axelrod is going to do it on TV!

"I'll see your $10,000 and raise you a mustache!'

Now that's real macho!


So, Romney, you managed to keep your tax returns hugged to your chest.  Paper is a good insulator, so maybe those papers will keep you warm in what looks like a long and very cold winter for you.


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