Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Good News in a Short Post!

The top-ranked Pew poll today puts Obama 3 points ahead of Romney in the national vote at 48% v. 45% and predicts that Obama will reach 50% v. Romney's 47% when the undecideds are allocated.

This is great news.  Less than a week ago Obama had pulled even in the Pew poll after trailing Romney by 3 points in their prior survey.  Because of Pew's high status, these results had been worrisome.  But it's all okay now!

Not only are the national numbers reassuring in themselves, but they buttress what the polls have been showing in the swing states:  that Obama is leading in all of them but North Carolina, with ties in Virginia and Florida.  Even without these three states, he's got the electoral college vote.  Now this national Pew poll confirms  his electoral college lead.

So spend your Sunday smiling instead of sighing.  And keep praying for a good Democratic turnout!

One more day to go!

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