Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy WS, the GOP, and the Stooge With the Smoke-Stained Teeth

Untwist the knickers! The so-called anti-semitic element of Occupy Wall Street apparently consists of no more than the Three Stooges! Count 'em! There's only THREE!

Who are the GOP kidding? The "anti-semitic" demonstrators the GOP  says are part of Occupy Wall Street are not only just three in number but so obviously fake as to make a cat laugh. I doubt they know what OWS stands for! Or GOP?

One of them is shown in a video on a reactionary website, standing on a sidewalk with his offensive sign over his head while a middle-aged guy in a windbreaker yells at him and a cop watches wearily. The sign-holder can be heard saying the same thing over and over: "Freedom of.......... speech."

The dots don't stand for naughty words. They stand for the long pause while the sign-holder obviously tries to remember what comes after "freedom of'". He's apparently been coached but not well.

A second "anti-semite" stooge appears in a still photo on-line on another far-right website. He is wearing a long-sleeved red jersey-sort-of shirt and holding up a sign urging "Google Jews on Wall Street. Google Jewish Billionaires'" etc. Maybe he owns shares of Google?

My favorite is the one I think of as "the Russian". He's on video, talking right into the camera. He's one of those is-he-slovenly-unshaven-or-is-this-his-fashion-statement. Judging by the rest of him, his demeanor, his argument, I vote for simply slovenly.

As for his slovenly rant, it seems as if someone has hastily force-fed him some anti-semitic crap, and he has not digested it well. He is certainly not producing foie gras, that's for sure!

He expresses worry in part about rich Jews taking over, not just the USA, but also Russia. Taking over Russia has not, to my knowledge, been a major issue for the Jews regarding Russia. Mostly the Jews have spent half a century or more trying to get the hell out of Russia!

So this man's concern about what the "bad" Jews will do to Russia indicates that Russia is pretty dear to him and that he likely works it into every conversation. But since someone wants him to go after the Jews, he'll do that too. Provided he can connect it to Russia.

What's really special about him are his teeth. He gets his mouth very close to the camera. You can really see his teeth quite well. A whole lot more than you'd like to. The lower front teeth are disgustingly and darkly stained with tobacco. It is not a pretty sight.

He's actually on the National Republican Congressional Committee website in another clip. He didn't get to talk about Russia on that clip, but you can see his teeth pretty well. If you want to.

"Well, that's all, folks!" -  as Porky Pig used to say. Only Elmer Fudd could imagine this pathetic trio of fake anti-semites have anything to do with Occupy Wall Street.

So who hired these three phony anti-semites?

Based on these Three Stooges, the National Republican Congressional Committee paid someone to do a video ad against Democratic Congressman Steve Israel, charging him with supporting anti-semitism by supporting Occupy Wall Street.  If the GOP spent money using this pathetic trio to attack Steve Israel, no wonder the GOP National Committee is $14 million in debt! Those guys at Republican HQ make Michael Steele look like he was frugal with the campaign money!

One more thing about the "Russian" stooge.

I wonder if Sarah Palin could see him from her front porch?

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