Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obama Wins the Dangerous GOP Debate

The GOP debates are getting dangerous! You might die laughing if you're a Democrat. Or even if you just have an ounce of sense.

These loopy candidates are such nutsy fun! Moats full of alligators! Turning numbers upside down to find the devil! And a chant of "9-9-9" like something out of the old "Secret Agent" TV series! Plus a flustered Romney putting a hand on Perry in the apparent hope he can keep the Texan from decking him as they yell at each other. And irrelevant old Newt, grim and sputtering, vainly trying to keep the rough-house from turning to riot.

It's the best comedy show of the new season! And it's a series! There's more to come!

Can SNL or Jon Stewart be any funnier ?

If we Democrats are in danger of laughing ourselves to death, the debates are even more dangerous for the wanna-be-nominees, caught as they are in the crossfire of this GOP circular firing squad. This is history-making! They are killing each other right on TV, right out in front of God and everybody! Cain's 9-9-9 got shredded in Las Vegas, Romney's illegal immigrant gardeners came back from 2007, Perry got told off by Romney for being a bad boy and trying to muss his hair. Perry yelled at Romney for being "a hypocrite".

It was like the second hour of a college freshmen kegger!

And ol' Ronald Reagan was rolling in his grave. (Good!) Because they were breaking the Great Rule of the GOP, to wit  -  NEVER speak ill of another Republican candidate. To joyfully mix metaphors, they were handing each other's heads to the Democrats on golden platters.

Meantime, Obama was winning the real debate question, which is: Who is fit to be president of the United States?

At the Las Vegas GOP debate it was laughingly and appallingly clear that none of  the GOP clowns and nut-jobs now on offer can be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. Even the least insane of them, staid and above-it-all Romney, wriggled off the ramrod that runs up his spine and got right down in the thick of the brouhaha. But not for long! He soon had to run to "Daddy" to save him! Under some illusion that the debate moderator was a Jim Lehrer or even a Brian Williams, Romney pleaded for help in keeping Perry in line. He begged CNN's Anderson Cooper for help. "Annndersonnn!"

Help from Anderson Cooper? Really?

So if  -  God help us all!  -  Romney the Boy Wonder becomes president, will he plead for help from Monaco when the going gets rough? Or maybe Fiji?

"Mommmmyyyy! Daaadddy! Somebody! Save me!"

Not quite Obama, is he? Not quite like the guy who said, "Get Osama Bin Laden." And meant it. Who fired a general for mouthing off against the Commander-In-Chief. Who stayed calm in 2008 when McCain went into a panic over the banks' collapsing. Who saved the Libyan people from a massacre.

Obama is a cool cat. And more than anything else, that's what a president has to be. After all, a president holds the box that starts a nuclear war. And don't any of us forget THAT!

Meantime, enjoy the show!

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