Saturday, October 22, 2011

The GOP Nazi Tool Kit: "If It Walks Like a Goose...."

The Democrats and media are so busy being politically correct  -   heaven bless their misguided good intentions   -   that they refuse to call out the GOP for its use of Nazi political tactics in gaining and using power. This is a bad mistake.

The Nazis tools are effective. They have empowered the GOP to the point where, last summer, it could  push this country to near-economic collapse by engineering the debt ceiling crisis. That's a hell of a lot of power for a minority party! And these same tools could give us a reactionary GOP across-the board win in 2012. I mean the whole thing! The presidency, both houses of Congress and, in due course, five or more solid reactionaries on the Supreme Court.

No, the GOP would not then send us Jews to the gas chambers. At least I sure hope not. But they would hound 12 million undocumented people in this country.

"Vere are your papers?"

Twelve million of our fellow residents would live in fear of "the knock on the door in the middle of the night." Already migrant worker families in Alabama are pulling their kids out of school and hiding or fleeing the state.

Once in control, the GOP would cut taxes even more for the wealthy, unleash massive pollution by ending the EPA in the name of job creation, destroy Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, probably start a war of convenience somewhere, curtail our freedoms of speech, assembly, and religion.

Go on! You finish the nightmare list!  Think deregulation of food and drug safety, water purity, sewage disposal, Wall Street.  And global warming. Mining and timbering in National Parks. Rights of the accused. Due process. Fair elections.  What am I overlooking?

All this can happen if the GOP continues its successful use of Nazi political tactics and sweeps the board in 2012. For God's sake, the nightmare scenario I describe above is their actual campaign platform! Just listen to what they are saying!

Now let's be clear. Using Nazi political tactics to get power does not make someone a "Nazi" in the historical sense of the word. Please distinguish between the use of the word as a noun (historical German Nazis or today's self-identified Nazis) and its use as an adjective to describe today's GOP tactics.

I'm not confusing Dick Armey with ol' Adolph. (Armey doesn't have a mustache.)

But if a GOP political TACTIC goose-steps like a Nazi and ......  Well, you get it.

My last blog identified eight tactics the Nazis used to get power in 1930s Germany and pointed out how the GOP is using these tactics now:   The Big Lie, Intimidation, Incitement to Violence, Disruption of Public Meetings, Scape-goating, Media Control (Think Rupert!), Destroying the Unions, Guilt By Association.

Sound familiar, don't they?

Here's another:   Exploiting an "Incident".

The classic is the Reichstag fire in 1933. Claiming the Communists had started the fire in the German parliament building, the Nazis  -  then a minority in the government  -  forced a "declaration of emergency"  and within only six months had used the declaration to wipe out all other political parties, the labor unions and Germany's vigorous free press. The courts were emasculated and so were all the rights of the citizens.  Totalitarian control was complete.

It took them ONLY SIX MONTHS!

So what is the GOP doing these days that is similar to the Nazi tactic of exploiting an incident?  How about you tell me between now and my next blog? I'm 75 years old and shouldn't have to do all the work around here.

Meantime I have my eye on the stooge "anti-semite" the National Republican Campaign Committee claims is representative of Occupy Wall Street.

So tune in next time for "Occupied Wall Street and The Anti-Semitic Man with the Smoke-Stained Teeth".

And please share with me "incidents" that smell a bit like the smoke from the Reichstag fire. I thank you.

P.S. Someone has suggested I use the term "fascist" instead of "Nazi". That would be historically incorrect. Mussolini and Franco were fascists but didn't create or use the Nazi-developed propaganda and other political techniques. They just killed people. So we have to give credit where credit is due  -  to the Nazis!  

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