Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hey,Occupy! Taking Over the Democratic Party Will Be Easy!

Take over the Democratic Party.

Everybody is buzzing about what Occupy Wall Street should do. Or what other "mad as hell" folks should do. It's simple: Take over the Democratic Party.

It's waiting there, rotten and crumbling, just waiting for you to take it over and use it to good purpose.

The Tea Pee people just took over the GOP. So why don't the good guys take over the Democratic Party?

And this is so easy to do. I know because in 1968 a handful of us took over the Democratic party in one of the most populous counties in the USA. We were young and progressive and grassroots, while the establishment Dems were lazy and older and all about themselves. It was a piece of cake. We then proceeded to put into office good solid liberals who stayed clean of big money and lobbyists, who fought for families, social justice, equality for all, and the environment. Some of them are still in office, fighting the good fight. One of them is a Congresswoman who is among the few respectable members of Congress today.

In a couple of years we had taken over the entire state. One of the biggest states in the country.

In 2008 one of my five sons and other grassroots folks took over the Democratic party in his county. Again, it was easy. And it sure needed doing.

It needs doing everywhere. All structures ossify and decay. The Democratic party is now all about big donors, lobbyists, and high-priced campaigns. It doesn't have to be.

Beginning with Howard Dean, we all saw what small donors and activists -  connected online -  can do. We saw it again with Obama's campaign. Why do you think Howard Dean got kicked out of the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee? It's because he was all about grassroots politics, while the establishment (read Rahm Emanuel) was about keeping political power in the hands of the few.

Take it back! Take the power away from the fat cats and the "power brokers." Take it back from the highly paid "professional consultants." Take it back from the lobbyists! Take over the Democratic party!

The time is ripe. The "pros" running the Democratic party almost everywhere are miserable failures. Look what Ed Rendell and his crowd have done to Pennsylvania! They let a heavily Democratic state go completely Republican in 2010, partly because of the poor job they had done in office and partly because their Democratic "machine" ran a lousy, limp campaign. This happened virtually everywhere in 2010!

Democratic "party leaders" are not only tied up with moneyed interests, but they can't even do their job of winning elections. Look at the disaster of 2010! Where was the get-out-the-vote? Where were the young people? The Latinos? Who dropped the ball on explaining the situation to the brothers and the sisters? Who froze out the grassroots? Where were the door-to-door precinct workers?

Elections are not won by spending big money on TV ads. Unless that's all that is going on. But if a grassroots precinct worker comes to the door, no fat cat money on TV can beat that. This isn't just Grandma here talking. Studies prove it.

We are the 99%. We are the people. This is OUR country. And the Democratic party should and can be OURS!

I'll be writing about how we can take back the Democratic party and win elections with people who represent US. We don't need no stinkin' lobbyists when we become the ones who choose the candidates, run the campaigns, and put OUR representatives in office.

Can we do this? Oh, baby, you just watch us!

This 75-year-old Grandma is telling you: Now is the time! We are the ones!

Do it for the hungry children in America! Do it for YOUR children! Do it for YOURSELF!

And if you do this, Obama will be able to do all that "hopey changey" stuff that Sarah P sneers at. He'll have a Democratic Congress he can work with. YOUR Congress!

And if you don't, President Mitt Romulus will have just the "suits" in Congress whom he needs to continue the looting of this country. And he'll have the Supreme Court appointments that insure the looting goes on throughout the lives of your children.

And we'll all have to move to Norway.


  1. Bring back Howard Dean! His leadership sparked the resurgence in our party that led to retaking congress in 2006 and the Whitehouse in 2008. If you're out there Governor Dean, come back! We need you now!

  2. Howard Dean's gift was to empower us. Remember "You Have the Power" was his battle cry. His book was "You Have the Power: How to Take Back Our Country and Restore Democracy in America." Looks like we're finally starting to do it.