Friday, February 3, 2017

Calm Down! The American People Are Still Here and So Are the Other Good Folks of this World!

The really stunning thing about the Trump mess is that the chaos and media hysteria and fear are generated by a guy who is NOT a winner of the election, did NOT win a majority of the American people, and has the lowest approval number ever of any president at this point. His ideas and actions do not have majority approval. So let's stop moaning that the American people have become something awful! See e.g. the bemoaning by the normally on-point and insightful David Brooks, New York Times columnist, excellent writer and moderate Republican: Brooks: A Return to Greatness

My dear David, Trump's counter-myth ain't winning nothing! He's sliding rapidly downhill in public perception! He lost 8 points in his approval rating this last week to now be at 43% and his disapproval rate has shot up to 50%. Go home and have a drink, David. You need one!

Someone thanked me for this posting when I did it in short form on FaceBook. She said she was glad I was reminding people that "there is still hope."

Of course there's stll hope. We the American people and those like us and even better than us all round the world are the real hope.


Seventy years ago we Danes and Norwegians and English and Russians and French and Phillipinos and Chinese and Africans and Dutch and Polish and Burmese and Indians and Navajo and Jews and Americans joined many others of lots of countries and beat the hell out of a man from hell and his legions from hell. We beat the Nazi war machine!  And with our other hand—at the very same time—we beat the militaristic Japanese regime. Then we turned around and with our brothers and sisters from everywhere built the UN and NATO and all the other organizations and trade agreements that have made the world a stable and safe place in which we have now, in concert with other nations, virtually wiped out poverty, illiteracy, and many diseases according to the latest studies. And we did that while simultaneously keeping the Soviet Union from swallowing us all up.

Hope is still alive? You betcha! 

Sure, Trump will create messes here in the USA. and the courts and the Congress and the people will then take care of that. (If the Congress doesn't do its job, the American voters will do a job on Congress!)

Trump is creating havoc abroad with his wild statements. But the other nations aren't babies. They can take care of keeping Iran from making nuclear weapons and preventing North Korea from being really dumb. They can also take care of fighting global warming.

Get this, Americans! This isn't your world.  You have served it well, despite some colossal boo-boos. You have served it so well that you created the stability for other nations to take on a terrific amount of the heavy-lifting. But the world belongs to everybody and they are helping take care of this world. Together we people of the planet can hold things together in spite of Trump. He has twitter and 35% of the American voters. We have everything else.

Mary Tyler Moore's theme song says it nicely, though with a slight change of pronoun: "We're gonna make it after all." 

Yes, we can. Si, se puedes. We shall indeed overcome. The arc of history still bends upwards. We still have a dream. 

And as Teddy Kennedy said. "The dream shall never die."

We are still here. We are the hope of the world because we are the world.

Now let's drink to that! And I am not buying the world a Coke!

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