Friday, February 10, 2017

How Do They Hate Thee, Mr. Trump? Let Me Count the Ways.

How do they hate thee, Mr. Trump? Let me count the ways.

Or at least count the individuals and organizations bashing you. They are a remarkable collection.

54% of Americans who told Gallup this week that they don't approve of you and your presidency
Pope Francis
Six Rockettes
Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, your own nominee to the Supreme Court
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Six players for the Patriots football team
GOP Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham
2 million women marchers
15 states and the District of Columbia
250 law professors
Elton John
Federal Ninth District Court of Appeals
2000 veterans protesting the Lakota Pipeline
1000s of Lakotan and other Native Americans protesting the Lakota pipeline
Millions opposing the Keystone Pipeline
Stockholders in Nordstrom's
GOP Senator Ken Sasse of Nebraska (Yes, GOP from Nebraska!)
The American Academy of Science
Sarah Silverman and Meryl Streep
Senate GOP boss Mitch McConnell (well, sometimes)
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg (who ought to put a sock in it)
The Columbia School of Journalism on behalf of all journalists
TJ Maxx
The biggest biggies of Silicon Valley:  98 corporations!
The CEO of Uber
The farmers of the "food bowl" of California's Great Central Valley
Lots of other agribusiness farmers
The CEO of GE
The British Parliament
Dick Cheney
The woman torn from her family yesterday and sent to Mexico after living here 21 years
Her family
All who dread being torn from their families and flung across the border
All who worry about The Wall destroying the Big Bend national reserve, one of the last pristine wild           places in America.
Millions of hunters and fishermen who fear your handing over national wilderness lands to the states for development.

In addition, the most respected Democrat in the Senate, Patrick Leahy of Vermont,  this past week used the word "impeachment" in the same sentence as the word "Trump". Further, the head of the Democrats in the House has asked on TV what hold the Russians have over you, Mr. Trump, such that you kowtow to Putin. Up until now the Democrats have been very quiet so as to let you sink your own boat without Democrats inadvertently stirring up any sympathy for you. Now they see how the walls are tumbling down all around you, and they are getting set to pounce.

Looking at the list of those who have bashed you, one wonders who still likes you? Maybe the mere 77,000 voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan who made you president even though you lost the national popular vote by 3,000,000?

Oh, I know who still likes you! Alec Baldwin and all the other comedians! That's who!

And the company that sells that white make-up you wear around your eyes to hide your age.

P.S. The white stuff ain't working!

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