Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trump in Panic and His Aide Talks Nazi

Trump in a panic?

With falling poll numbers and a wave of adverse court decisions, Trump and his minions apparently feel panic. It was likely increased in recent days by the looming scandal of his National Security adviser having illegally discussed with the Russians the removal of sanctions placed on Russia by Obama as punishment for interfering in our presidential election.  (And no sooner had I typed that sentence than the culprit, Michael T. Flynn, resigned!)

Only in the context of Trump's possible panic does it make sense for his right-hand adviser Stephen Miller to be all over the Sunday talk shows blathering what are plainly dictatorship priniciples. As one Saturday night comedian said, "The only thing that could have made Miller sound more threatening was if he had been speaking in German." Watch the "Morning Joe" video thta has collected the Miller clips from the talk shows. Watch Joe Scarborough go nuts in reaction to Miller!  Joe Scarborough takes on Stephen Miller

Why this blatant Nazism? Miller was talking to Trump's ill-educated supporters who dote on the "strong man" who can sneer at the "Establishment". Miller's job here is to assure these gullible folks that Trump's big losses in the courts are meaningless. Which of course is a lie. Clearly Trump and his team are running scared. But not smart. What court would take them seriously after these anti-court tirades that betray total ignorance of the Constitution? With these tirades Trump and his minions have lost all credibility to argue their positions.

That being said, this is still alarming talk! Stephen Miller is Trump's right-hand man and has been writing his executive orders. From what he says in these clips, he is a Nazi! These clips scared the hell out of Joe Scarborough  and should scare you. WE ARE ALL IN BIG TROUBLE IF THIS "REGIME" CONTINUES! Miller is claiming dictator powers for Trump, asserting he is above judicial review! That's not just crazy and totally unconstitutional. It's Nazi talk! What's next? The Reichstag Fire as an excuse to cancel all our constitutional rights and institute martial law? For God's sake, I grew up with this kind of voice and this scenario and these words. How can people not have learned from the first time around with the Nazis! At least that was in Germany, but this is in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Trump in a panic? 

I'm inclined to panic soon too. At the same time, I now believe more than ever that Trump's impeachment is on its way.  The media has its teeth into the Russia-Trump pre-election contacts, as does the CIA/FBI. And the Democrats are asking pointed questions. Pointing at what, you ask? At whether Trump acted in collusion with the Russians in trying to undermine our democratic election.

That would be an impeachable offense of the mightiest magnitude.

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