Sunday, November 6, 2016

Three More Reasons We Know Clinton Is Winning

Yesterday I wrote a blog post that presented seven ways we can know Clinton is winning. But there are actually three more:

First  of the additional reasons we know Clinton is winning:
Today for the fifth time in four weeks—yes, the fifth time!—Democratic precinct workers came to my door. That is amazing. As I never tire of saying, nothing is as powerful in politcial campaigning as someone at your front door. At least here in Pennsylvania  the lauded superiority of the Clinton ground game is real! And remember that Pennsylvania is one of the key states to winning the presidency.

Second: One of my sons just reminded me:  in screening for "likely voters", pollsters automatically rule out new voters by making the litmus test whether the voter voted in the last election. Where enormous numbers of new voter registrations have occurred this year, as in the Latino communities in Florida, Nevada, and Colorado, a large number of anti-Trump voters are being automatically excluded from the polls. Analyst Nate Silver, for example, briefly refers to them as "low-propensity voters who weren’t necessarily making it through likely voter screens." Election Update: The Campaign Is Almost Over, And Here’s Where We Stand

Third:   The America I have known and loved for a long, long time has its serious evil such as racism. But it is basically a country of good people where racists and other ignorant people are outnumbered about two to one. Even though many of its people are scared now by the big changes in this country and our world, not all its people are scared of the changes nor are all the scared ones willing to take severe measures against their fellow citizens. Americans have fought to save other people from tyranny, have delivered massive relief to stricken countries, have been more philanthropically generous in their private giving than any other people on earth. And in spite of a wretched strain of racism in America, this country did enact the Civil Rights Act and decades later elected an African American president.

After all its 230-year history of sacrifice and struggle for freedom and justice and all its generosity of spirit,  I can't believe America will make Donald Trump its president.

I can't believe that. I refuse to believe it.

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