Saturday, November 12, 2016

America Is Still Here

Hi, world! Thanks to all of you around the world who have been following our election and my blog. I hear how worried you have been and how dismayed and frightened some of you are now. As you know from my prior posting, I'm looking at what harms Trump can really do.You're hearing a lot of rumors and fear talk. Let's look at reality as best we can. From yesterday here's my first one of several I'm going to do on this topic: What Can Trump Really DO?

While I'm writing the next posts on the limits of Trump's power, please be assured that the real America is still here. I'm sending these items (below) to ease your concerns. First is a video from a supermarket to prove we are still one, caring people. Cindy Barry Burket shared Upworthy's post .Click through a bit of introductory material to get to a really lovely bit of life. The real Americans are still here. (Cindy is my beloved adopted daughter,)

And here's a photo taken this morning by a friend out in the forest on the northernmost edge of America, way up in Minnesota. It shows the real America is not blue and red but the colors of late and fading autumn next to a serene lake. America the land is still here.
(Except some of us are also Chicago Cubs' blue during baseball season.)

We Americans wish you all well. As a people and a nation we are still here and you are still our brothers and sisters.

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