Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jeb and Romney Compete for "Most Pathetic" Prize

Well, the honeymoon is over.  Romney was back on TV the other day, being a jackass as usual and reminding us all why he didn't get elected.  He and Princess Ann blamed everybody else and everything else.  But his very presence on Fox TV showed why he lost.  BECAUSE HE IS A JERK!

He's also a cruel snob, still saying that Obama bought his votes by offering health insurance to the not-haves.  That's not buying votes, Mitt!  It's called supporting the party that does the right thing in your view.  Are the rich supposed to vote against the GOP because it gives them whopping tax breaks?  Romney is still stuck in his view of the "47%" as "takers".  Like I said, a real jerk.

The other reminder of Romney was on TCM the other night in a rerun of the original "The Producers" movie, which is one of the all-time best.  In the film Franz, the Nazi author of the musical "Springtime for Hitler",  makes an impassioned speech for what a good guy Hitler really was.  Then  - seized by fear he has been overheard  -  Franz begins to croon "America the Beautiful".   And back comes all the memories of Romney murdering that inoffensive song.  The man IS A JERK!

And then there's Jeb Bush.  He's supposed to be the smart one in the family and in the party.  And  a moderate.  And a potential candidate for the GOP nomination for president in 2016.  And he's mainly supposed to be the one GOP member who can really bring the Latino vote to the Republicans because he has always strongly supported a path to citizenship for "the illegals".

So what does he do?  He's written a book saying "the illegals" here can get residency but never get citizenship.  What?!  He's now to the right of Rubio and several other GOP Senators.  And he's now a champion flip-flopper.

But that's not all, folks!  One day after announcing this switcheroo, he was on TV saying that he really didn't mean "never get citizenship".  What!?

So now "the grown-up", as he's been called, looks just like that other shape-shifter, the one in the 2012 GOP run, namely Mr. Romney.  Will say anything and do anything to be president.  Anything.

Plus. we have to face it, folks, even if Jeb won't.  He has another major handicap.  His last name is Bush.  His dad got the boot after one term as president, and his brother is universally regarded as the worst president in the entire history of the entire universe.  Even the GOP hates George W.  With Jeb's apparent desire to run in 2016, it's as if John Wilkes Booth's brother wanted to run for president after John assassinated Lincoln.  It just ain't gonna work.  George W killed over 4000 Americans in a hoked- up war, killed hundreds of thousand of Iraqis, spent us into a big hole, and then crashed the economy by failing to regulate Wall Street.

So give it some thought.  Where DOES the GOP get these people?


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