Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ann Romney's Mustache; Wayne LaPierre's Frothing

Please, fellow feminists, don't snarl just because I am going to talk about Ann Romney's mustache.  And the rest of you stop giggling. This is a serious matter, and we can't be knee-jerk about it and sweep it under the rug in the name of p.c.  (Sweeping a mustache under a rug is as disconcerting an image as Ann's mustache itself.)

There she was on Fox News this past Sunday talking about how everybody except Mitt and she and the GOP was responsible for Mitt's losing the presidential election.  And she had a mustache.  Many women do but keep it plucked or waxed.  Ain't no big thing to deal with.  And some women just let it be because they don't want to "live their lives to please some man".  Or they're into "organic grooming" which means no leg shaving either.  Fine by me if any of these are their choices.  For me, women's lib means getting to do what you want to.

But what's with Ann?  She's certainly no women's libber!  Is she "letting herself go" because the American public rejected them?  Or does she feel so privileged that she believes "no hair would dare" grow upon her princess face?  Is she thus blind-siding herself?

Whatever her reason for sporting a mustache on TV, I wish she wouldn't.  No other women do.  A lot of them (and men) appear on TV with makeup that stops under their chins and leaves us with orange-faced people who have snow white necks.  This is weird enough.  I just can't accept, however, Ann and her mustache.  In fact, I can't stand the sight of Ann any more.  I never watch Fox but the segment was rebroadcast everywhere.  Maybe all the channels should issue "Ann Alerts" so we can tune out.  In fact, make that "Romney Alerts".   We don't want to look at Mitt or his wife or their progeny.  Ever.

Nor do we want to watch Wayne LaPierre frothing at the mouth. Literally.  The froth was there the second time he appeared on TV post-Newtown to announce that the NRA wants MORE GUNS!  The gob of drool was in the right corner of his mouth.  It suggested a mad dog, which is what he comes across as, even without the frothing.

They shoot mad dogs, don't they?  Wayne LaFroth had better be careful around his gun-happy crowd!  Some of them may be dumb enough to think they should shoot humans infected with rabies?

Why is no one else commenting on these weird aspects of Ann and Wayne's appearance?  I'm 77 years old.  I should be the last person able to see this stuff.  And I don't even have HD TV.

This media silence about the mustache and drool is clear proof that the media is in the tank for the far right.  We  knew it all along, and now it is as plain as the drool and mustache on you-know-who's  faces!

Get them forever off our screens!  And no more singing either, Mitt!

This is not a very kind blog, I know.  But it is a long way from the cruelty of Mitt Romney singing "America the Beautiful".  We don't have to suffer in silence and we don't have to suffer fools gladly!  Keep 'em off our TVs!      


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