Friday, September 16, 2016

Ignore the "Tightening". Trump Still Can't Win.

Some of my friends are in a panic over the media reports that the race for the White House is "tightening".   So even though I'm still recuperating from bronchitis, I took a few minutes to post this on my FB page, and I thought I should also share it with you.

............SHOULD I EAT MY HAT?..........
Those who know me, know I wear hats. But even though I have a lot of hats, I'm not eating any yet. In spite of the so-called "tightening" of the election race in the national polling, I still don't see how Trump can win the 270 necessary in electoral college votes. Nor does the new polling show him in a projected "tie" with Clinton in the electoral college, and that's where it counts! For all the gains in the national polling, he's picked up only 10 votes in the electoral college projections when he needed an additional 116 to win. She still leads him by almost a projected 50, with 166 still up for grabs, most of which traditionally lean Demcratic.  And he still hasn't passed Romney's pathetic final total of only 206. He still has a long, long way to go. My hats are safe for now! So hold on to yours! Here's my recent blog on this: 

Here's the final result in the 2012 election in terms of electoral votes. I think it tells us who will win in 2016. Final Electoral Ma...

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