Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hillary Played Good Football. So Relax.

The late Frank Sullivan used to say that if a football game is going to be good, it will be good in the the last ten minutes. On that theory (and due to technical issues) I could watch only the last ten minutes of the first Clinton-Trump debate.

It wasn't just good football; Clinton's playing was superb. I'll explain why in my next poll along with how Hillary is generally doing fine now.  Today, however, my personal world has sprung more leaks and I have to run to do damage control. This short assessment is all I can do for now.

So let me just say for now that Hillary Clinton was a winner in those last ten minutes. She was strong, calm, mildly amused at her opponent's obvious fluster and bluster. By contrast, Trump was frazzled, frantic and worn-looking, talking gibberish. When he attacked her for lack of "stamina" and "temperament", his delivery was so disjointed and dreadful that he merely showed he had run out of stamina long before she did and that he didn't have the temperment to make an argument, let alone be president.

More tomorrow! With some interesting new political data! Now to the leak-plugging!

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