Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"The Political Revolution Has Begun." Truly!


So don't snivel, you Bernie supporters! It's a grown-up game we are in, and we have to have the confidence to ignore the media's blatherings and look at real facts. Super Tuesday wasn't the big event. Bernie Sanders raising $10 million the day after South Carolina — now that was a big deal! Unprecedented! 

Then a day later — yesterday — he wins virtually everywhere that was a possibility and even won Oklahoma, a state that shouldn't have been his. 

The one place he didn't win where theoretically he could have was Massachusetts. My Irish pol cousins in Boston put the fix in for Clinton. I'm a Chicago Daley. I don't play politics dirty, but I sure can recognize the fingerprints of my Boston Irish cousins. (More on this Boston thing in my upcoming blog.) 

So chins up! Even the media admits Bernie is getting enough money to go on with this fight all the way. And it's all from our $5s and $10s! And he is winning states and even gets delegates where he comes in second to Clinton.

Though 80, I'm going on with him. As you can see, writing about his campaign these couple of months has persuaded me he's the way to go. (I've been secretly sending him $5 now and then.) I'm marching with Bernie, even beyond the campaign, until we have saved this country and democracy from the greedy, callous rich who are destroying our planet and robbing us day and night. 

As Bernie's first sentence emailed this morning says, "The political revolution has begun". 

Thank God, they didn't start the revolution without me!  Hey, Bernie, wait for me!

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