Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Michigan Miracle Births The Political Revolution !

This is a picture of how Bernie Sanders' people are taking back America from the rich and powerful. It's a picture of the Michigan Miracle in the making back in fall, 2015.  I'll give you the who, what, and where of this photo in a few moments, but for now it represents "we the people."

The big meaning of Michigan is that Bernie Sanders and his supporters last night won the whole shebang. Bernie not only won a big, diverse state but he has achieved his main goal:  the "political revolution" has indeed been born and is thriving! Old, corrupt politics died in Michigan last night.

In winning Michigan he has shown that small donors and self-organizers can take on the biggest political machine in America and beat it! In so doing he and his supporters have doomed the fat cats and professional political operatives. In beating all predictions they have also made a collective monkey of the puffed-up media. No one can say this often enough: A new day has dawned in America. Government of the people, by the people and for the people has been rescued from the trash heap of the oligarchy corruption.

March 8 is even more than the day fat cat money in politics lost its stranglehold. Sanders didn't just raise incredible amounts from small donors—over $40 million in just February. His campaign in Michigan also has proved that a grassroots populist campaign can spend such money wisely.

For example, look at his advertising. Well, we can't literally see it because it was shown only in Michigan (though it may be somewhere on YouTube). In any case, we know it worked very well. The proof is that in one week Sanders went from being mostly a nobody, trailing Hillary Clinton by 25 points, to beating one of the best known figures in America. Although some of this was accomplished by his barnstorming all over the state, he had only a week to do that. Therefore his advertising must have been damn good.

Second, let's next look at his campaign strategy in Michigan. The strategy? He went EVERYWHERE! Little towns and crossings all over the mainly rural state. Michigan voters were stunned and delighted. No presidential candidate had ever come near them. And so he beat Hillary Clinton with his big margins in the Michigan that lies beyond Detroit.

Third, let's look at his campaign ground game. The few reporters who have paid any attention are full of admiration for the Sanders' campaigns well-organized effort. I for one am eager to learn more about the people "running things", although we keep hearing the campaign is being "self-organized". (The only write-up I have found with anything about the campaign organization is The momentum story: How the Bernie Sanders crowd can still win. (See also my earlier posting The Bernie Crowd Is Here To Stay).

I love this aspect, that the Sanders effort is truly one "by the people". I love people and love seeing them join in the community of a political campaign. So earlier in this piece, I gave you the photo of our little rural Oregon group parading for Bernie Sanders last fall. These folks have since been doing phoning into primary states, and we all send our little checks. At age 80 I can't walk with them except in spirit. From such little groups all across America a new day is being born.

Here they are again.

I am so proud of them and of all of you who care about politics and government. Good for you! You are the ones who will give us a future to rejoice in. Therefore I borrow from Martin Luther King: I have seen the promised land. I may not get there with you, being 80 years old now, but I know we as a people will get there.
(Coming soon: Who is voting for which candidate and why.)

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