Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Big Bad News For Hillary

Hillary Clinton is a bad news bear.  MSNBC's numbers guy Chuck Todd is reporting this morning that she lost New Hampshire by an astounding 22 points. But that isn't the whole story. He next says:

"[T]he exit poll numbers seem even worse, even among the groups Clinton is supposedly strong with: Sanders beat her among women by 11 points (55%-44%), Democrats (52%-48%), and moderates (58%-39%). He crushed her among his core groups, winning young voters (83%-16%), independents (72%-25), and liberals (60%-39%). And then there are these terrible numbers: Clinton lost among Democrats caring the most about honest and trustworthiness by 86 points (91%-5%), and she even lost among the Dems who want their candidate to care about people like them by 65 points (82%-17%)."

The worst number is the percentage who don't belief she is honest or trustworthy. Once people cease believing they can trust you, they never change their minds. Once someone snitches a $10 from your purse or wallet, you never leave them alone with it again, do you?

Even before Bernie Sanders began his climb last year, almost half the people were saying they didn't trust her. Now it's climbed steeply. The more she campaigns the less people like her.

This bad figure on honesty tells us that, if nominated, Hillary Clinton will lose in November no matter how bad the GOP candidate. The Democrats will simply stay home. They are historically inclined that way anyhow. Now it will be rampant.They won't want to leave Hillary alone with the purse.

Yesterday's results tell us something else, something Chuck Todd overlooks that is stunning. It will be in my posting here tomorrow post. Here's a hint:  Bernie Sanders has expanded his base enormously! And that's great good news for the Democrats for November.

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