Monday, December 12, 2011

Funny? You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Life is so good! Right now politics is dishing up stuff so funny, so gratifying, that you just want to run out and hug the first person you see.

Let's take the item about the TV show "Law and Order" and Occupy Wall Street. The producers of the  show decided to do an episode with a plot including OWS. So the production people went to Foley Square in NYC this past week and set up OWS-type stuff as props: tents, library, cafeteria, etc. The police had only recently cleared the real OWS out of NY's little parks. Now along come about 100 actual Occupy people who step over the yellow tape bounding the set and just move right in. Some crawl into the tents; some browse the library; and some help themselves to the food. "Occupy Wall Street Is Not For Sale" someone writes on a fake OWS-type sign on the set. "OWS Is NOT a TV Show" is painted over another.

Best part? The newly-gathered Occupiers begin shouting at the TV folks, "What are your demands?"

Oh, America, I do love you so! You wild thing you!

Next item: Callista Gingrich's face. She's the third wife of Newt, as you may know. The one with the hair helmet. And all that bling from Tiffany's. Up to now her hair has been so weird that one could hardly notice anything else about her. That all changed on Saturday night at the latest GOP debate. Oh, my, did it ever!

George Stephanopoulus asked Newt if having had affairs and divorces should count against a candidate.  Gingrich looked deeply solemn and replied that he had made serious mistakes in his life and had had to repent and seek forgiveness from God. Some intelligent TV production person had the camera full-face on Callista while Newt was deeply repenting. Callista was not smiling.

She's sitting there, being called a "mistake" by her husband. She's being called a sin. She's being called a reason for repentance. And she's not liking it. Not one little bit. On her stoney face is that expression that says, "You just wait until I get you home, sonny boy."

Tiffany's is going to have a really good jewelry-selling year if Callista has anything to say about it.

The funniest part about this lovely bit is that none of the talking heads have noticed the delicious moment. They just chatter on, oblivious to that picture of a bleached blonde bling babe getting the Scarlet A burned on her forehead by her old, fat, colossally stupid and infinitely boring so-called husband.

Third item is a gift that keeps on giving. After years of being the long-suffering victims of Karl Rove's America-destroying elevation of George W and of the arrogant snideness of commentator George Will, we are all being treated to watching them go absolutely nuts because of the GOP candidates. They are SUFFERING! Visibly and vociferously! George Will has denounced the GOP would-be nominees as "charlatans", "entrepreneurs", and  -  heaven help us!  -  "charlatan entrepreneurs." This is the equivalent of George Will sputtering in rage. I love it.

Rove is tearing out his last wisps of hair. Before departing, Herman Cain drove him almost to apoplexy, as  Rick Perry and the other strange GOP contenders still do. Rove's apparently tolerable candidate, Mitt Romney, is "flailing", Rove noted three days ago, and in his flailing is failing to stop Newt Gingrich on his rise. The LAST thing Rove wants is Gingrich as the GOP presidential nominee!

Not only is Gingrich likely to lose the presidential race for the GOP, but he's also likely to remind a lot of people why they should vote Democrats into Congress. Even worse, at least for poor old Rove, is that Gingrich is never going to be Karl's boy. Gingrich's outsize ego and power hunger is easily equal to Rove's. And that's saying a lot. Just over a decade ago Rove jumped into the lead in GOP power politics when the likes of Gingrich, Dick Armey, and Tom DeLay had all crashed and burned. He shoved George W Bush into the nomination and became "the Architect", not just of Bush's presidency but of the GOP's about-to-be takeover of American politics for the next 50 years. Or so it was in Rove's dreams. Now he's up against another GOP madman given to dreaming of Uber Alles.

It's sort of like watching the Joker and Dr. Moriarty duking it out to be the Prince of Evildom. May the worse man win?

The funny part is that there is nothing left to win control of. There is no longer a well-organized, powerful Republican party. A kingdom has fallen apart. Part of it has gone frothing away as the Tea Party under the coaching and financing of Dick Armey, who  -  like Newt  -  is another of the living-dead who have come back to bedevil Rove. Another part of the Republican Party -  its more moderate voters  -  are wondering who these crazies are that claim to represent them. And the Latino voters that Rove courted so assiduously  -  with George W doing likewise as his puppet  -  is now saying to the GOP, "Are you KIDDING?"

So all the enfeebled Rove can do now, as the GOP is splintering around him, is beg the Republican Party to forbid the GOP contenders from participating in Donald Trump's "debate".  And the response from the Republican National Committee to his plea. Zip. Zero. There ain't nobody home. There's a youngish guy in a suit, holding the title of chairman and the debt owed by the party. That's it, baby.

Being a Democrat, I recognize things could go very wrong for us next year but, like the old song says:  "In the meantime, in-between times, ain't we got fun!"

Oh, yeah!

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