Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trump Passes Clinton in Three National Polls. So Where Are You Going?

It's begun. The undeniable evidence is emerging that Hillary Clinton cannot be the Democratic candidate against Donald Trump. Why not?

Mainly because she's a loser. And we can't have a President Trump!

Last week Fox News announced that Hillary is trailing Trump by three points nationally. Most commentators shrugged off the Fox poll as an outlier.  But today two other polls also show Trump beating Clinton, these two being ABC and Rasmussen. RCP Average. These two are certainly not the gold standard of a Pew poll, but three polls are a lot more than just three times one. Something significant is going on. Further these same polls show Bernie Sanders still beating Trump easily.

Virtually the only TV commentator to take real notice of the Fox poll last week was Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC.  New Polls: NH-WBUR, Bernie Beats Trump 54-38; Fox, Trump ...

O'Donnell and PBS' Mark Shields and David Brooks are the only TV commentators who aren't just show-biz. O'Donnell was an attorney for the Senate tax-writing committee for years as well as a star of "West Wing". He has walked the walk in D.C., and this far outweighs his pseudo credentials from "West Wing". Both Shields and Brooks are primarily columnists and thus can think. In addition, Shields used to run campaigns and, like O'Donnell, Shields is Irish. We Irish typically grow up being fed politics at the family dinner table.

O'Donnell not only took the Fox poll seriously but used it as a springboard into laying out what a very bad candidate Hillary Clinton is in terms of her track record all the way back to 2000 when she first ran for Senate in New York State. She has a consistent record of having a huge lead when she announces her candidacy and then continually sinking like a lead weight as the campaign progresses. As O'Donnell points out, she has to have a 35 a 45% lead to even get into the home stretch, so quickly and completely do the voters reject her as her campaign progresses. While it is true that Bernie Sanders has done a remarkable thing in coming virtually even with her in the polls when he started out at only 3%, Hillary has plummeted no matter who the opponent has been. She went way down as against her New York State opponents though both times they were virtual nobodies.  And she totally crashed when up against Barack Obama in 2008. She has the staying power of a Popsicle in Georgia in 100° weather.

If at this point she's not only losing to Bernie Sanders but is also trailing the terrible Donald Trump, she is indeed the worst candidate in the world, and the superdelegates must ensure she does not become the Democratic nominee.

Absent any memory for recent history, the American media is ignoring the purpose for which the superdelegates were created by the Democratic Party in 1984. They are supposed to stop the nomination of a sure loser, such as had happened in 1980 when the Carter delegates refused to repudiate him as nominee for a second term even though he was at 22% in the polls. Their intransigence gave the election to Ronald Reagan and gave us his ferocious attack on the unions and the resulting impoverishing of the middle-class.

But, you say, Hillary is not 22% in the polls. True. She is underwater, with her unfavorables higher than her favorables, but she's not down to 22% favorables. Not yet, that is.

But, folks, but this is only May. Carter didn't sink to 22% until August. And even though he was a submariner in the military don't assume he could sink faster than Hillary can. At the rate she's been sinking during this campaign and has sunk in all others, she is on target to go even lower than 22% by August, ridiculous as that may seem.  And what will fuel this rapid fall? She's a bad campaigner, an off-putting candidate in person, loaded with past baggage and still under federal investgation by the FBI. Central Casting couldn't do a better job of finding someone to play the part of The Big Loser. Also hastening her demise, the media will have stopped picking on the departed Bernie Sanders and will have given up on trying to dent the fiberglass Donald Trump. Hillary and all her history, failings and faults will be virtually the sole focus of the media.

And she can't stand that kind of pressure. She will get crusty and defensive and more offputting than ever. She and Bill will do as they have done in the past—blow up and make bad mistakes. And Donald Trump will be president.

What can we do? Try to persuade the superdelegates to do the right thing and give the nomination to Bernie Sanders even though they are under enormous pressure from the Clintons and the party leadership. The greed and power-hunger in the pro-Clinton Democratic leadership is a betrayal of all that I and the Democratic leadership of my era worked for. I feel that my party has left me for the big bankers, rejected a whole generation of young people who deserve better, and has failed to be vigorous enough in fighting to save our planet. Now this party and this woman are going to hand over my beloved America to a man so mindless he doesn't even qualify as a Hitler. He is just a street corner thug, devoid of anything but the zest for stoking hate and anger. God help America. God help the world.

Have you decided where you are going to live after election day in November?  If you choose Norway, look me up.... I just might be there. Or Ireland. Or Italy.

Meantime, let's work on those superdelegates.

And this just in off the wire......According to a poll released today, "Clinton hit a new low with just 31 percent viewing her as honest, and 66 percent saying she isn’t."  That can only go lower. Once people believe you're dishonest you can never change their minds. So down is her only direction.

Lower and lower, like I said. 


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