Thursday, May 26, 2016

Clinton's End? Her "Inexcusable and Willful Disregard for the Rules"

There is shock and surprise across the board of main stream media.

 - The Washington Post is angry at Hillary Clinton. The phrase in my headline is actually their headline on an editorial attacking her for her flagrant and seemingly stupid email conduct as reported in the just-released report of the State Department Inspector General. Clinton's inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules. Now on Day 2 of the Inspector General's report the New York Times is also taking Hillary to the woodshed for her failure's to be honest and open. Editorial Hillary Clinton, Drowning in Email

  - The New York Times, noting the Clinton lies laid out in the Inspector General's report, has finally added 2 and 2 and got 4:  Emails Add to Hillary Clinton’s Central Problem: Voters Just Don’t Trust.... By golly, the NY Times says, people don't trust her because she lies. Duh! You finally figured it out, Mr. New York Times? Have you forgotten that this is the woman who said she came under enemy fire in Bosnia in 1996 when all she had actually confronted was a little girl presenting her with a love letter and a big hug. The NY Times forgot that whopper?  CBS News Video Contradicts Clinton's Story - CBS News

 - Mika Brzezinski and Andrea Mitchell are angry because Hillary lied to their faces, and they each subsequently went on air and supported her version of the email story because of those lies. Lies such as Hillary promulgates don't just destroy her credibility; they destroy the credibility of politicos who believe her and reporters who accept her version of events. Brzezinski: "I Don't Want To Be The One To Say This," But It Looks Like Hillary Straight Up Lied About Email Server. At that link there's a video of today's Morning Joe segment. It is well worth watching (and I'm no Morning Joe fan.) Here's
a photo of the very sad Mika from that segment.
.  She knows that Hillary's lies have possibly damaged her own TV career.

Meantime, two days earlier, Senator Harry Reid publicly told Democratic leaders to lay off telling Bernie Sanders to get out of the fight for the Democratic nomination. Why would Reid of all people be protective of Bernie at this point when Reid had worked so hard to help Clinton in the caucuses in his home state of Nevada? He pulled mighty big strings to rig Nevada for Clinton. What Hillary Lost In Nevada; What Bernie Won In So...  You'd think he'd be the last person to say Bernie Sanders should keep battling her as her numbers slide.

Politics is like baseball in that signals are important.  Was Harry Reid signaling a belated realization that the Democratic party may need Sanders soon to step in for the "inevitable" Hillary Clinton?  Did Reid get a pre-release peek at the State Department Inspector General's report that is so damning and damaging to Hillary Clinton? Many of her superdelegates are fellow senators of Reid and worked many years under his leadership. Are Harry Reid and his fellow supers having buyer's remorse over Clinton?

Amazingly five national polls now give Trump a slight edge over Hillary for the general election. Her approval numbers have sunk to half the 65% she started out with. Now comes the documentation that she lied about the private email server being okay under State Department rules. As the Inspector General unequivocably reports she just plain lied about a lot of things to do with her "damn emails".

Why? Why the decision to use a private server? Why the lies to cover up?

Because there may have been an attempt here to cover a far worse act: the corrupt abuse of her position as Secretary of State for her personal enrichment.

More on this next time.

Meantime, the email story has been revived big time and Hillary has been shown to be a liar, liar, liar.

No matter how many delegates Hillary snags on June 7 in New Jersey and California, she will not then be the nominee. She won't be the nominee until super delegates put her over the top. Now we must wait to see what they do with these latest revelations.

And this just in.....The New York Times now scolding Hillary in an editorial: Editorial Hillary Clinton, Drowning in Email The Times had endorsed her and supported her with more slanted anti-Sanders news stories than I ever thought the Times capable of. Hillary sure has a way of embarassing her friends and supporters. And now she may put the nation at risk of a Donald Trump presidency. As my saintly Irish mother used to say, "I hate a liar."


  1. Really well written - and with a cliffhanger! Can't wait to read the next one.

    1. Thanks, Bob. It's taking shape but I really want to get it right.

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