Thursday, August 1, 2013

Time Out For Wagon Train West

I'll be gone from this blog for about two or three weeks.  Moving to Oregon!  Need every minute to pack, move, and set up the computer again.

It will be quite a change, moving from a red, red area of Central Pennsylvania to a lovely small town twenty-five miles from quite-blue-thank-you Portland.  It will, in short, be wonderful!

You remember I was off-line for much longer last fall.  About six weeks.  And you stuck by me!  That was one of the sweetest thing that ever happened to me.   I sure hope you stick by me again for what should be a much shorter time.

By then we'll be headed into the GOP's wildly reckless drama "Debt Ceiling Denial".  Will they destroy America?  Will they destroy themselves?  And how will Hero Obama rescue us this time?  Lots to write about and lots to think about.  So start thinking, pals!

Please wish me luck on the long trek west (six hours).  And meantime I wish you all the best!

Till then.....

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