Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Karl Rove Dines with the Devil

"If you sup with the Devil use a long spoon."

Karl Rove was too arrogant to heed the wisdom of the old maxim.  Back in George W's first run for the White House, Rove wrapped his arms around the far right, especially the evangelical far right. And he's been hugging them ever closer ever since. But now he's surprised that the hug has turned into a stranglehold.  And it's Rove and the GOP that are being strangled.

Rove has finally accepted that he and his cronies and minions and millionaires lost in 2012.  A right shellacking, you might say.  They lost the presidency, House seats, and Senate seats.  They were supposed to win!  While the GOP had a decent shot at a couple of those Senate seats,  the Tea Party snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by nominating that unelectable rape-obsessed  dynamic duo running in Indiana and Missouri.

It's all the Tea Party's fault, Rove proclaims.  And he's announced that he's now tooling up his super pacs to scuttle unacceptable far right candidates in GOP primaries hereafter.

Good luck, Karl boy!  You think money and/or good sense can convince your far right friends that they should run moderately-spoken, moderately-positioned candidates who might win some statewide elections?  That's a dumb thing to believe, Karl.  Do you really think you can unwrap the octopus arms of the Tea Party with some big spending against it?

Where you been, boy?  (To quote  President Clinton theoretically speaking to Romney last fall.)  Didn't you notice that MONEY did NOT determine the outcome of the 2012 election.  It didn't elect Romney nor Scott Brown nor a whole bunch of other candidates you shoveled it at.  In fact, you and your super-duper pacs had the lowest success rate in recorded history and spent more money than God has in the bank on the first of the month.

You, my boy, were a disaster!

And you still are!

For one thing, making a big announcement IN ADVANCE of your planned warfare against your own right-wing family is stupid.  It gives them longer to get angry at you and your "establishment wing" of the GOP.  And lots longer to prepare to resist and retaliate.

And there will indeed be resistance and retaliation, Karl.  As your favorite fellow GOP in Alaska would say, "You betcha!"

You dined with the Devil.  And now the Devil will continue to take his due.

And we all get to watch!

Thanks, Karl!

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