Thursday, February 21, 2013

In Your Face, McCain!

How gratifying to see John McCain freaking out as a constituent angrily attacks him for supporting immigration reform.  This televised confrontation occurred at a McCain town meeting recently in Phoenix, and the constituent let him have it both barrels with the usual racist lies and hatred.  Caught like a deer in the headlights, McCain is grimly clenching his bared teeth.  Quite a picture.

The main complaint of this constituent is that McCain and his kind are going to rob the constituent and his white friends of THEIR Social Security to pay Social Security to "illegal aliens."  This is so stupid, it doesn't bear answering.  What is interesting about it is that it shows how uninformed, nonsense-filled, and delusional the Far Right is.

And these are the folks that McCain chose to embrace on his way to  re-election to his Senate seat last year and in his run for the presidency in 2008.  In both races he turned his back on his prior efforts to get immigration reform through the Senate and sought to get as far right on the issue as he could.  Remember his commercial about "Build the dang fence!"

Now he's stuck with the devil he invited to his table.  Good.  It's nice that there is indeed justice in this old world.

It's also nice that he's getting fried after the ruthless and unwarranted frying he gave Susan Rice and then Chuck Hagel.  This is a new and bitter McCain we have been seeing.  He seems set on revenge against Obama for beating him in 2008.  Well, John, someone had to do it.  You are obviously not presidential material.  The two things going on now really show your unfitness:  (1) your willingness to embrace the far right whackies  (yes, we do remember you selecting Sarah Palin as a running mate), and (2) your grudge-match view of governing.  Bobby Kennedy said that revenge is a dish best eaten cold, but he would never have bent the processes of government for his personal vendetta the way you have in trying to deny Obama his choices for cabinet members.

Here's wishing you lots more lively town meetings, Senator McCain.  If this first one of yours is any indicator, it looks like you and your fellow Republicans are going to face audiences as wild and ugly as those that opposed the health care bill.

Have fun, John!  

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