Friday, January 4, 2013

What About the GOP House?

Clearly the present GOP control of the House of Representatives is the worst internal threat to the stability of the United States since the Civil War.

In fact, it is civil war, even to the extent that supporters of the most radical GOP element are talking about secession.

Oh, why don't they just go!  We may have made a big mistake in compelling them to stay the first time around.  (But more of that another time.)  But the truth is that we can't wait for the Tea Party types to self-deport.  We have to do something about the House now.  The current GOP threat of a debt ceiling debacle come March shows they just don't give a damn about this country.  They'd rather default on our nation's credit and plunge the world's finances into chaos than use some good sense about dealing with the debt.

And that's because it really isn't about the debt.  We've always had a huge debt.  The one at the end of WWII was a far, far higher percentage of GDP than today's.  My Republican aunts and uncles were screaming about the debt back when I was a little kid.  Let's say 70 years ago.  And you want to see REALLY big debt?  Take a look at what GOP hero Reagan did!  More debt than you can shake a stick at.

The Republicans, who have been terrific debt-creators, are now piously shaking the debt stick for two reasons.  First, it's their only issue.  And it's a simple-minded one.  Since their hard-core followers are themselves pretty simple-minded, the debt issue works just fine for them.  And it's code for racism.  As translated by my GOP simple-minded racist neighbors here in rural Pennsylvania (whom I love anyway),  the debt is mainly caused by all those you-know-who-lazies on welfare who live in the cities.

The second main reason for the GOP doting on the debt issue is because it is their ticket to getting rid of federal government.  The Tea Partyers genuinely hate, fear and loath federal government.  So they don't care if a failure to pay our debt brings down our government.  They WANT it down.  They don't care if the economy also crashes.  Because "the free enterprise system", thus freed of the government, will jump in and fix everything.  You're darn tooting it will!  Just ask my neighbors!

You don't believe they think this way?  Well, they do.  And these are the folks who have elected the Tea Party Republican members of the House.  In turn these T-P members of Congress don't give a hoot how "bad" they make the GOP look nationally by their idiotic intransigence.  They don't care that they are ruining "the Republican brand", thus making it virtually impossible for the GOP to ever win the presidency or even the Senate.  These T-P House members don't care about any of that!  They don't care about anything except destroying  the government.  Except for the military, of course.  Because if we have a strong military we need not give a hoot about what other countries think of our credit rating; we can just bomb the hell out of them!

For all their supposed devotion to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, the Tea Party is actually seditious.  You want to bring down a government?  Destroy it monetarily and fiscally a la Germany post-WWI.  Goodby, fiscal and monetary stability!  Hello, Hitler and the Brown Shirts!

So what to do we do about the GOP House of Representatives?  Arrest the crazies for conspiring to overthrow the government?  Gosh, I'd love to!  But we liberals won't, will we?

Tune in next time for "What Do We Do Now About The Crazies in Congress?"  (Got any ideas?)





  1. I heard a good suggestion on the Slate Political Gabfest: though no one's thrilled at the thought of having the Executive branch arrogate more powers unto itself, there is no legal reason for President Obama not to simply say that he will unilaterally ignore the 1917 rule (wherein Congress voted to give itself the power over the debt ceiling)… and thus raise the debt ceiling himself. Given the current ignorance and insanity of the GOP (tea partiers in particular), I think that's the only way to remove this issue from the political realm.

  2. This is an interesting idea for sure. What's particularly interesting is that apparently no one would have standing in court to oppose him doing it. I'm doing some legal-beagle research on your suggestion. Hope to post something soon. Thanks for the idea.

    Anybody else got ideas?