Friday, January 18, 2013

FLASH! House GOP Chooses New MacGuffin!

In a posting earlier today, I suggested that the House GOP climb out of its self-created nightmare and  stop threatening the world with the economic disaster of not lifting the debt ceiling.  Obama is not going to trade them anything for the debt ceiling, and they now look like reckless terrorist idiots by holding the debt ceiling hostage.

So how do they save face while backing out of this?  All the House GOP has to do, I suggested this morning, is change the narrative by changing the "MacGuffin", the thingbobby that supposedly drives the plot but isn't really what the story is about.  Like the meaning of "Rosebud" in "Citizen Kane".  The House GOP had failed to catch Obama's interest by holding the debt ceiling as hostage, so now their embarrassed question was, "What do we do next?"

Change the target.  Change the goal.  And that's just what they have done this afternoon!  And it is hilarious!

Now the MacGuffin is a Senate budget resolution.  Pass a Senate budget resolution and we'll give you a lift of the budget ceiling for three months, sayeth Eric Kantor, number two man in the GOP House leadership.

Folks, it doesn't get any sillier than this.  This has got to be the world's worst MacGuffin ever!  This won't play in Peoria or anywhere.  A Senate budget resolution?  What the hell is that, everybody asks, and who gives a damn about it?  What nonsense!

The GOP hasn't  just blinked.  It's put a sack over it's head!  It's permanently disqualified from the threatening game.  This is like a little kid threatening to go out in the yard and eat worms.  It's pathetic!  Put the GOP in the same penalty box with Lance Armstrong.  Hey, you are out of here for not knowing how to do it right.

These GOPers have disgraced themselves.  And cast a shadow on the fine old game of politics. They lack class, imagination, a sense of responsibility, decency and skill at the game.

Take back their keys to the washroom!  And go have a good laugh!

Obama wins again!



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