Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spiking the Football on the Health Care Decision!

Hurrah! And dance in the end zone!

Chief Justice Roberts did the right thing in voting to uphold the Health Care Act. He seemed to be headed that way. (See my three blogs in March on that possibility.) But all the pundits were predicting a thumbs down from the Court. May they all blush beet red!

Needless to say this is great news for the American people. And though it be "needless to say", I'm saying it loud and clear:  THIS IS GREAT NEWS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Our family has known several people who died needlessly because their insurance companies cut them off. They were young people.

When I became an attorney while a single mom and joined the bar association, I couldn't get health insurance for myself and my six kids because the youngest had epilepsy. As a new attorney I sure wasn't earning enough to pay serious medical bills. 

So this Supreme Court decision is very personal.

It's also a big boost for Obama's re-election. He would have looked pretty bad if, as a constitutional law professor, he had backed an unconstitutional law!

It's also a good decision for businesses. There are provisions in the act to hold down what insurance companies can charge businesses as well as individuals. And small businesses will know that if they can't cover their own workers, these workers can get their own insurance at a reasonable cost, using in part what they would have had to pony up as their (ever-increasing) share of the cost of employer-provided health insurance. 

Romney's response to the decision is predictably a lie. He says that "on day one" of his presidency he will begin repeal of "Obamacare". (Which he invented as you likely recall.) The truth is that he can "begin" whatever he wants to but it's going nowhere. The law can't be repealed without the Senate, and there's no indication that the GOP will pick up enough seats this November to hold off a Democratic filibuster of a proposed repeal. So Romney appears to have forgotten that you need both houses of Congress to enact or repeal laws. He thinks he can conduct the presidency like a corporate CEO and just tell people what to do. But he's not really that dumb. He'll just say any lie in order to win.

But let's not allow Romney's evil lies to mar our great day.

Let's just reaffirm our determination to get Obama re-elected and prevent Romney from naming three new Supreme Court justices.

Can we do this? Yes, we can. We have to! 



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