Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Latinos Still Under Cloud of Fear and You're Next!

Yesterday the Supreme Court struck down most of the Arizona immigration law which, among other things, required that law enforcement officials harass people who look like they might be illegal immigrants. But the Court left this part of the law standing.

Now a lot of liberal talking heads and attorneys are claiming that everything is just fine. They say that as soon as Arizona tries to carry out this provision it will be hauled before the Supreme Court for unconstitutional racial profiling and have its face smacked. The Court as good as said so.

That's not good enough. There's still a terrible cloud of fear hanging over our Latino brothers and sisters in Arizona and the four other states that have such a law. They are going to have to live under this fear until a case of racial profiling works its way up to the Supreme Court. Which could be YEARS!

This is wrong! ANYBODY who looks or sounds like a "foreigner" can be harassed even if they are a citizen, even if they are a third or fourth generation American. Let's remember that there have been so-called Latinos living in America since the 1500s!

This is wrong! They are going to have to carry their "papers" even though the Supreme Court has said that state law can't require it. As a practical matter, they are going to have to carry the damn papers! Or risk being hassled.

This is wrong. This is not American. This is Nazi stuff. Maybe you have to have been alive during World War II to understand the fear that Nazi phrase raises: "Vere are your papers?"

It's easy for white commentators and white law experts to rejoice even though the Supreme  Court failed in its duty to strike down the noxious provision. After all, no one is going to stop them on the street and ask for proof of citizenship. So they just don't get it!

But Obama does.

He expressed disappointment about the Court's failure to act responsibly and disgust at what this remaining provision of Arizona's law is going to do to people of "non-white" complexion.

Yeah, Obama gets it. He knows.

So if you are not yet helping him get re-elected, why not?

You want Romney's Supreme Court appointees? Or do you want to keep America? Do you still want the "home of the brave and the land of the free"?

Because today it's our Latino brothers and sisters. And that's very, very bad. And then tomorrow.... it's YOU!




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