Thursday, May 10, 2012

Romney: Homophobic and a Big Fat Liar!

Mitt Romney led a gang of his high school chums in pinning down a fellow student and cutting his hair as the boy wept and screamed. Romney's pals still feel terrible about the attack on that child. But not Romney. He made a feeble "apology" today, just "in case anyone was offended". But he says he doesn't even remember the episode.

He also says that it had nothing to do with a belief "that fellow" was homosexual. He claims, in the Washington Post story about the crime (and crime is what it was: assault and battery!), that "back then" he and his friends didn't even know about homosexuality.

Come on! What a crock! He's talking about the 1960s. By the time I was in high school in the early 50s, we kids all knew about homosexuality. In the teenage world if you wore yellow or green on a Thursday, you were theoretically a "faggot". The words "pansy", "queer", and "fairy" were common parlance though never directed at any specific student at my school. So we kids knew about homosexuality, Mitt, and ten years later YOU knew too.  But nobody at my high school of 2000 students  - and I mean nobody  -  EVER physically attacked a fellow student like you did. Or ever verbally abused one in my hearing for suspected homosexuality. I guess we weren't ritzy-rich preppy enough for such "pranks", as you call them, Mitt.

At that same posh prep school he attended, he would yell out, "Atta, girl!" whenever a particular male student spoke out in English class. Romney and the other "guys" suspected the youngster of being gay. What else does "Atta, girl!" mean? So don't give us the lies about not being homophobic, of not even knowing about homosexuality, Mr. Romney. You knew what you were doing. And you were old enough to know better. To know not to be cruel. And, yes, you were a cruel person. It's been disclosed now that you "guided" a blind teacher into a closed door at that same school. You're sure no Boy Scout, Mitt!

Romney lies about lots of stuff. Like his claim that 92% of the jobs that have been lost were lost by women. Oh, give us a break! That can't be true, and it isn't true. Anybody who's watched TV these past three and a half years has seen the men in the unemployment lines, as many of them there as women or even more. Doesn't Romney watch TV? Or does he not bother to look at unemployment lines? Or does he think we are fools?

And the latest lies. Really whoppers! He's now claiming HE saved the auto industry! And he says he wants "credit" for that! And if that lie is not enough, he says that  -  yeah, sure, you betcha  -  he would have ordered the attack on Bin Laden. But he's ON RECORD opposing both these Obama moves!

But tell a lie and tell it often enough and people will believe it. That was the doctrine of Joseph Goebels, the Nazi German founder of the modern art of propaganda. And it worked in Germany in the 1930s, in a country that was the most intellectual and cultured in the world.

Romney and the GOP are using the Big Lie technique now. As an old Jew, I shiver. You should too. I'm not saying Romney's a Nazi. Just that he and the GOP are using their techniques. And that's bad enough!

Obama did a brave thing yesterday on behalf of all the gays who have been tormented by the likes of Mitt Romney. Please read my posting earlier today on Obama's standing up to the cruelty. The posting is called "Stand With Obama and Weep for Matthew Shepard". Obama's support for same sex marriage was actually more than that. It was a recognition of gays and lesbians as human beings who should have full rights. And that is the beginning of the end of the cruelty our gay brothers and sisters have suffered.

Dogs, blind men and teenage children. Who's Romney going to pick on if he's president? All the rest of us, I guess.

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