Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Romney and the Rump of the Trump

We now know the exact value Mitt Romney places on himself. He can be bought with $2 million  and/or one-tenth of one per cent of the vote in November.

How do we know this?

Last night Mitt Romney held a gala fund-raising dinner with Donald Trump, the racist birther and professional idiot. Reputedly the event raised $2 million dollars. In presidential politics these days, that's peanuts. Especially when Romney's super pacs have already raised over half a BILLION to campaign for him.

So Romney is for sale cheap. That speaks very ill of any future presidency of his, doesn't it.

And what about that one-tenth of one per cent of the vote?

He named that price when answering a reporter's question aboard the campaign plane (or "aircraft", as he strangely calls it). The question was:  why was he associating with Donald Trump instead of clearly separating himself from Trump's recently-renewed insistence that Obama was not born in the USA? Romney said that he and his supporters didn't agree on everything but that he needed all of them so as to get 50.1% of the November vote to win.

In short, he is saying he'll do anything to win. Anything to get over 50%. Anything.

Not for him the decent moment of a John McCain, who forthrightly corrected that old lady in 2008 when she said she feared Obama because he was a Muslim. I can still see McCain beginning to shake his head in denial even as she was still speaking. Calmly and clearly he corrected her. Obama, he said, was a good American and a good family man. And in that moment, McCain showed what a good American McCain is, that he still has the courage and sense of honor he deminstrated as a prisoner of war.

Romney, however, is a bad American. A corrupt and corrupting hoodlum. He and the GOP are trying to buy this election just as blatantly as old-time crooked pols used to buy votes for $2 apiece. They are also trying to win by suppressing the vote through new state laws that require would-be voters to document their registration with drivers' licenses or other "proof", most of it costly or difficult to obtain if you are a college student or old or poor or struggling as a single mom just to make it through the day.

They are also willing to use any lie in order to win. Romney lies about Obama's rising spending (it's been flat), his having increased taxes (he has lowered them), his unwillingness to lower the debt (he offered a Grand Bargain last year with a $4 trillion debt reduction), his "socialist" health care reform (it's Romney's plan), and for using Romney's approach in saving the auto industry without giving Romney "credit" (baloney!).

He lies about being a "job creator", claiming Bain Capital created 100,000 jobs although he has no proof of this and all the evidence is against that figure. Instead he ignores the fact that, as Governor of Massachusetts, he led his state right down into the cellar, right to the lowest rank of new jobs created.

Well, we always knew Romney had no class. It was evident in that stupid incident he staged in which he pretended that a waitress had pinched his bottom. Do you remember that extremely unpresidential moment last year?

But even if he has no classiness, at least you'd think, him being a supposedly devout Mormon, that he would refrain from being a g.d. liar.

But he wants that winning fraction of a per cent over 50 per cent. To get it, he will not only embarrass some poor waitress in a fake bottom-pinching. He'll go the whole way in demeaning himself and this nation.

He will kiss the rump of Donald Trump. And the birthers.

George Bernard Shaw told the story of asking a beautiful young woman if she would spend the night with him for a million pounds. She agreed. Then he asked her if she would for two pounds. "What!" she shrieked. "Do you think I'm a prostitute?" Shaw replied, "We've already established that. Now we are just haggling about the price."

Well, now we know Romney's price. The young woman would sell her body. Romney has sold his soul.

Sadly, if he wins this bargain with the devil and gets the presidency, he will take this entire nation to hell with him.  




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