Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's a Great Day!

Let's be happy! The sun is shining. The forsythia and daffodils are gilding the landscape. My neighbor saw a mountain lion in his lane. And the 18 degrees the other night didn't kill the peach blossoms in the area orchards. It's spring!

There's lots for us politicos to be happy about too. Let's count the blessings, ever aware that things can change but resolute to bask in this one golden moment while it lasts.

1. Romney's favorable rating is in the 30s; Obama has just topped 50%.

2. Unemployment filings fell again this week to the lowest level since before the crash in '08.

3. Obama has a substantial lead over Romney in Ohio and Florida and an average 8% lead in all the swing states. (The GOP cannot win the presidency without Ohio; never has, never will.)

4. The GDP growth rate has jumped to 3% after being at 1.8%.

5. Iran has shut up.

6. Oil prices came down a couple of dollars a barrel today.

7. The House GOP just cut its collective throat by passing the latest Paul Ryan budget today, thereby announcing that it will effectively destroy Medicare if given the chance. Medicare,  the darling of us seniors who are the most reliable voting block.

8. Newt's sole financial backer closed his checkbook today, and the media is suggesting it won't be covering Newt the Toot any more.

9. Income has risen, including disposable.

10. The Dow seems to be reasonably comfortable at its above 13,000 level, thus being almost back to where it was before the "08 crash.

There's lots more to be happy about, much of it more truly important than the good political news. Look around you. Surely there is something good going on! And if not, adopt the slogan of this isolated old woman: "Damn, the sons of bitches! I'm going to be happy anyway!"

It's your choice. And it works. But only if you're a Democrat.

Because we're the dreamers and believers.

Hark also to what Adlai Stevenson once said: "I had always hoped a time would come when I could sit beneath the trees and watch the young people dance." So get out that wine, kiddo, and salute the dance of life.

Better yet, join the dancing! It's spring!

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