Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time Out for Action

Actions supposedly speak louder than words. They certainly take more time! Right now I'm caught up in a fight to save our little rural post office from being closed, so all my time is going to action. But the fight is reaching its peak, and I'll be back on the word-job very soon with new postings. Including a secret story about the original "dirty tricks" of Tricky Dick Nixon, who taught the GOP the evil tactics that now permeate their party.

As for now and the fight for the tiny post office, the heart of our community, there's no use in urging political action, as I've been doing in this blog, unless one gets into it one's self when the need is clear. At age 75 I should be "retired" from all this, one might say. In fact, I came here years ago to "retire"from a lifetime of politics and community action.

But one cannot retire from life. And politics is life. It touches everything in our lives  -  from the safety of the food we put in our mouths to the hazard of nuclear holocaust.  And it shapes the future of our children and grandchildren.

Politics is too precious and important to be left to politicians and the talking heads. Politics is ours.

So wish us luck in saving the heart of this mountain community, the little post office nestled between the spired churches, where two rivers meet and people care very much about each other. It's a bit of America worth saving.

And please check back for new postings, probably in a few days. You have been most encouraging as readers, both in your numbers and your far-flung geography. So, hi there! In Norway, New Zealand, Latvia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Russia, Israel, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia and all across America! Wherever we are  -  Yes, we can! Yes, we shall overcome!

After 75 years, I can tell you that good always wins in the long run and no good efforts are ever wasted.

So, for now, it's once more into the breach, dear friends......

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