Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Great Good News for Democrats in 2012!

Two walloping big chunks of good news for Democrats! Christmas came early in North Carolina's recent local and state elections, and the Tea Party is sinking the Republican Party in REPUBLICAN House districts nationwide. Okay, make it three pieces of good news: the GOP is still stuck with the wildly weird collection of wannabe candidates for the GOP nomination.

First, let's look at how the Democrats just did a great job in North Carolina. For all the talk about purple North Carolina drifting back to being a red state, the Democrats swept lots of Republicans out of office in races from school boards on up. These were seats that had been held by the Republicans FOREVER!

The best news about this triumph is that it was actually executed by the Obama folks in an on-the-ground dry run for 2012. They are putting together similar ground organizations in every state and already have 35,000 volunteers nationwide who have signed "I'm In" cards. Are you one of them yet? If not, why not? We can do what was done in North Carolina in lots of other states in 2012 if you sign up. Yes, we surely can!

And it won't be just for school boards. It will be the presidency, taking back the House, and even  -  oh so hopefully  -  doing the near impossible and getting a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Why not dream big? After all, this isn't a dream. It's a necessity! And with winning the presidency and the Senate, we can in due course also have a solid majority of our folks on the Supreme Court.

Now for the hot news about the Tea Party damaging the GOP. The Tea Party crazies who got elected in 60 House districts in 2010 are so disgusting that the voters in those Republican districts are turning away from the entire Republican party. I don't make this stuff up. I don't have that wild an imagination.

Instead, these are the findings of Pew Research, the most reliable and thorough of all polling operations. This is the polling outfit that you see on PBS News Hour. The results startled even the usually unflappable head man, Andy Kohut.  Speaking of these 60 districts where approval of the Tea Ps and the GOP are both dropping, Kohut says, "You think of these as bedrock Republican districts. These are the Republican base!" Yet, as he points out, the Tea P House incumbents in these districts have sunk even more in voter approval than the Tea Party has nationally, and they are certainly taking the GOP down with them. Astonishingly, in these TP districts, 48% of voters now have a negative view of the GOP -  their OWN party!  -  compared to only a 41% favorable rate.

This is a drop of 14% since last March, chiefly tied to voters' perception of the GOP in the debt ceiling crisis. Like Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time ......" Looks like that time has run out for the GOP-Tea Party.

And they are the same. The Tea Party IS the Republican party. My daughter keeps saying that, and she's right. The co-opting of the GOP elephant is complete. It was swallowed by the snake. And the voters know it. They aren't blaming a mere contingent of the GOP. They don't see the TP as a right-wing element of the GOP. They see the situation for what it is:  the whole GOP is a right-wing party. And they don't like it.

If the Democrats don't screw it up, things are looking good for 2012. By the way, who are these "Democrats" who might screw it up? The National Committee? The House Campaign Committee? No, sweetheart, these Democrats are YOU and me!

There's a crop out there in the fields ripening in the sun, an election ready to be won. All we need is each other. All we need is YOU! Get involved. Get ready. Get set to bring those favorable voters to the polls. YOU are still the people we have been waiting for.

Now more than ever.

As for the third piece of good news, the GOP presidential wannabes still being jerks? When we have already got two pieces of solidly happy news, who needs to focus on clowns for a laugh?

So get on-line and sign up as "I'm In" at Obama's site. And get your family and friends and everybody to do likewise. Let's all do as our counterparts did in North Carolina! Let's get organized!  

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