Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Russians Are Coming! Welcome Back! I Worried About You!

For the first time ever, this past week there was no one in Russia reading my blog. Normally Russian readers are second in number only to those in the USA. I was worried about you, my Russian friends, because of the reports of demonstrators there now being jailed. I think of you as just the kind of folks who would demonstrate. (Not saying you have to, of course!)

But as of today, you are back. And I am very glad.

Sometimes, being 80, I get weary and think I should just quit my writing about politics. But then I think of you readers in all those other countries and get a nice warm feeling of community with the whole world.

Thank you all for being there and for reading my blatherings. You are the light of my world!

And what a wonderful world we all share! Together we can keep it wonderful and make it even better for all its people.

Thanks for being back, my dear Russians.

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