Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The World Is In Big Trouble; Trump Has 50/50 Chance of Winning!

This may be the worst news I've ever heard. Numbers expert Nate Silver now gives Trump a virtual 50/50  chance of winning the election. This is not based on the national polls but on an analysis of the electoral college prospects where Hillary Clinton had had a comfortable lead until now.  2016 Election ForecastUpdated 3 hours ago

Agreeing with this assessment is the data expert for the New York Times: Maps Democrats Should Fear

Listen to Bernie Sanders, all you Bernie supporters:

At last someone of stature is saying what I have been saying:  Donald Trump is a Hitler! I doubt any Bernie supporters will vote for him, but they may stay home or vote for a third party. Don't be fooled! If you stay home or vote for a third party, you are helping elect Donald Trump. The vote you fail to cast for Hillary Clinton could have cancelled out one cast for Trump.

Don't do as the Nader voters did in 2000. By voting Nader they gave the election to George W. Bush, and 5000 Americans died in Iraq and so did 100,000 Iraquis because of Bush's unwarranted war.

Do not let Trump have those nuclear codes!

Don't let him reverse Obama's executive orders that are helping us avert the worst of global warming.

Don't let Trump open concentration camps for Mexicans and Muslims as was done during WWII to 120,000 Japanese Americans, including the best teacher I ever had and two of my best friends.

Don't let Trump throw the world's economy into chaos. Already investors have said they are getting ready to dump everything because he might get elected.

Don't give Donald Trump the choosing of four Supreme Court judges.

Please, I beg you. Do the right thing.

I am 80 years old and I swear to you that never has an election frightened me like this. This is the most important vote you may ever cast.

Please do the right thing. You have listened to Bernie Sanders for over a year. Listen to him now, for God's sake and for the sake of all of us.

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