Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's Time!

To everything there is a season. Turn, turn to the season of politics 2016. Finally we have relevant polls and a real beginning of this season. It looks like a fascinating one, maybe one unlike all that have gone before in modern memory.

So I'm shaking off the holiday frivolity and getting down to business.  I'm working on several posts about the campaign and will have some posted here soon.

Let me say though that this year, while it is wonderful for a political junkie, is also very sad. We are saying goodby to one of the best presidents ever and a super good human being. I will miss him and, frankly, see no one comparable in the field this year or extending into the future.  We were lucky to have Barack Obama as president.

We were also fortunate to know him as a human being. Joe Biden recently shared this story about our president. When Joe's son Beau died this past year, President Obama asked Joe if Beau's young family would be all right without Beau's income. Joe told Obama that he and his wife would sell their own home to get money for Beau's family. "Don't sell your house, Joe," Obama said. "I'll give you the money."

He is indeed a good man.

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