Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton and "Don't Do Stupid Stuff"

" 'Don't do stupid stuff' is not an organizing principle."

That's what Hillary Clinton said this past week in dismissing President Obama's refusal to increase our involvement in Syria.

Compared to what Hillary wants to do in Syria, doing nothing actually looks pretty darn good as an alternative.

On its surface, what Hillary proposes sounds minimal and humane. She wants us to establish a no-fly zone to halt the bombing and to set up "humanitarian corridors" as some sort of safety zone for  civilians.

But how do we enforce a no-fly zone? And against whom? Russia has begun bombing in Syria. Are we going to start confronting Russian war planes and possibly shooting them down? Gosh, I hope not. Such confrontation makes me very uncomfortable. It makes me think of World War III.

What about the humanitarian corridors? How do we set those up? Won't we have to send American personnel into Syria to do that? How do we protect those Americans? How do we keep them out of the hands of Isis and its beheadings and burning people alive? Won't that require our Army in Syria?

Hillary had her chance with these ideas on Syria back when she was Secretary of State. The President rejected her ideas back then and rejected them again last week. There are always some ideas that sound interesting until you ask "how".  Like going over the rainbow.  Do we really want ideas that involve tornadoes? Both of her suggestions involve possibilities that can get out of control and be very destructive.

I don't want to go to war in Syria. Aside from the likes of Dick Cheney, does any American want us putting ground troops in Syria or starting an air war with Russia in the skies of Syria? Absolutely not.

Hillary has learned nothing, zip, zero from her wrong vote to get us into war in Iraq. Nor did the drawn-out mess in Afghanistan teach her anything.  Write it large on the blackboards of America. Post it on all the computers. The three rules of a good life: (1) Don't walk on glaciers. (2) Don't enter a land war in Asia. (3) Don't presume to "help" Arabs or their like to decide which government they want.

The Arabs and others of that area are grownups and they can figure out for themselves what government they want and how to get it. We may not like their choices and we may not like their process, but we have absolutely no duty or right to take over their show. In strictly formal diplomatic language, we should just butt out.

Maybe if we butted out of other people's business, those people wouldn't hate us so much. We no longer have an "oil interest" to protect in that part of the world. Oil is a glut, with a lot of the glut right here in our fracting of the Appalachians. And the need for oil is going to keep shrinking. We have reached the golden door for which I have prayed for decades! It's the door OUT of the Middle East and environs. Let us flee through that door now and forever. And what about Israel? Nothing about Israel requires us to be in a land or air war in Syria.

We have to face a sad fact, folks. Hillary Clinton is possibly not all that bright. In my last posting I hit her hard for having messed up the chance we had back in 1993 to get health insurance coverage for millions of Americans. She couldn't see how idiotic it was for her to grab away one of Congress' Constitutional prerogatives and duties and then expect the members of Congress to enact "Hillary's health plan". No First Lady every barged in like that on the legislative process. Let's admit it. Hillary is a barger-inner, a bulldozer in a china shop. She's not reflective and she's headstrong. She belongs to another era, the era of "America runs the world".

We can't afford her brand of being half-baked. Actually that's the term that President Obama used this past week to refer to critics of his Syrian restraint, all the mouths that want us to do more in Syria. When asked if he was calling Hilary's ideas half-baked he said no.

But he was. And I'm saying it here.

So what do you think of her brainstorming? Bit too much tornado?

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