Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Days Are Back!

They're back!  The happy days of the fun-flinging GOP candidates are returning.  Sure, we don't yet have another  GOP Senate candidate cooing that "I am not a witch", but we're moving in that direction.

Keep your eyes on Kansas. It seems to promise the best fun so far this election year.  For starters, the incumbent GOP Senator apparently lacks a bona fide residence in the Sunflower state but has come up with a substitute.  It's a shed on the golf course of his country club!  

Now that's creative.  While doing a variant on the populist log cabin bit, he's actually letting his core voters know that he's one of the non-47% who can afford a country club, plus he's hinting that he's possibly a racist and anti-female, since country clubs often exclude blacks and women.  Oh, yeah, and Jews. And he sure is reassuring his core that he doesn't pander to those environmentalists who go nuts at the sight of powerful golf course sprinklers swirling water into the air where it can evaporate.  Added to this, his name is Pat Roberts, so the intellectually lazy can hope he's that unChristian pastor who's always equating God with Katrina-type disasters apparently provoked by New Orleans jazz music.

As if all this were not enough, Kansas has a right-winger flying even to the right of Senator Roberts as a primary challenger.  This Tea Party guy is a radiologist who loves to share his patients' x-rays on his Facebook page and laugh at them.  He claims it's all for instructional purpose.  Yeah, right?  "See that broken leg?  Ain't that hilarious!"

To add even more spice to the wildness of Kansas, it's been rumored that Kathleen Sebelius may run as a Democratic candidate in the race.  A Democrat trying for the Senate seat in Kansas is as pathetic a hope as her reassurance to the President that the Health Care website would be up and running on time. If she has any sense  -  and since she trusted her IT contractors, she obviously doesn't  -  she will pull out apace.

But don't despair. This slate of fools isn't all who will be cavorting on the political stage.  The presidential hopefuls for 2016 are  starting to coast around the country sticking their toes in the water.  It's rather refreshing to imagine Chris Christie with his toes in the water instead of in his mouth.  Also toe-dipping is our old pal Governor Rick Perry of Texas, he who couldn't remember in 2012 those three things he wanted to do when he became president.  Apparently he's remembers now what that elusive third one was and thus is going to have a another shot at the White House.  Speaking of which, remember that he's the one who talked about shooting federal officials.

Yep, folks, so far in 2014 you ain't seen nothing yet!      

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