Wednesday, October 16, 2013

He's "No Blink" Obama For Sure!

Just a bit of chortling.  Okay?

The GOP caved and crept away tonight, it's tail you know where.

They had thought Obama would blink and give them what they wanted under threat of defaulting on the nation's debt and ruining the world economy.  But he had said he would not negotiate under extortion.  And he didn't.

They didn't understand that Obama means what he says.  When he says he means it, he really means it. He said he would kill Bin Laden and he did.  He said he would rid Syria of chemical weapons and he is.  In fact, the Tea Party GOP should have paid close attention to how Obama manipulated the Syria situation, luring Putin in and giving Putin the hook to hang his hat on that let Putin take responsibility for getting rid of the chemicals.  Instead they thought  Obama was being "weak" about Syria and that Putin couldn't be trusted to do the job. Ha!  Putin has more to fear from those weapons than we do!

So they have misread Obama and the moves of the other real politicans, his cohorts Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and even Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.  They never realized that Republicans and Democrats can fight each other ferociously over policy matters and maybe not even like each other personally, but when they are threatened by a common enemy like the Tea Party, they can play off of one another for the mutual goal of squashing the threat.  The Tea Partyers know nothing of real politics.
Consequently they have just been had.

Blinded by their racial hatred, they also failed to notice that our President Obama is one very smart, very cool, and very determined man.  And it was his determination that set set the stage for their "leader" John Boehner to lead them right into oblivion, as I've suggested in my last few blogs.  It's been quite a show.

The great news is  -  if I've analyzed it right  -  that we are now free of the destructive and disgusting intransigence of the Tea Party contingent in Congress.  Sure, they can still make noise.  But they have shot their wad; they have no big threats left.  When next the debt ceiling needs raising and they threaten again to put us into default, everyone will laugh.  Because we now know two things.  Obama won't move and Boehner won't let there be a default.  He said two weeks ago that he hadn't come to Washington to let there be a default.  And like, Obama, he meant what he said.  He will again put the debt ceiling bill on the floor for the Democrats and some Republicans to pass.  And that's that.

Meantime he will pray.  Pray that someday, somehow the GOP can repair the terrible damage the Tea Party has done to the Republican Party.

And as for Obama?  Good humorist that he is, he's just said that he wants to now get on with passing immigration reform.  What a super fun way to rub some salt in the GOP wounds, reminding the nation of the hateful narrow-minded prejudice of the GOP that opposes justice for the immigrants here who work so hard in our fields and hotels and construction.  

To me that GOP hatred is an even more disgusting attribute than almost destroying our economy.   But no matter how you look at today's GOP it's not a very pleasant sight.

Thus the GOP's twenty-four percent approval rating in the polls.

That says it all.  Chortle. Chortle.


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