Saturday, September 21, 2013

GOP Starving Its Own Members!

Not content that their membership is rapidly dying out due to old age, the GOP is now going to kill off its own even faster by starving them.

If I hadn't read this in the New York Times I couldn't have believed it, but here's how it will work:  the GOP in Congress is cutting food stamps by 40 billion dollars over the next ten years, taking the food away from about four million people.  That will, of course, hit hardest in those areas where the most people are on food stamps.

And  -  guess what, folks  -  the majority of the poorest, most food-stamp-dependent  counties are Republican!

As the man said, "Only in America!"  Only in our crazy country where Oprah Winfrey's is afraid of balloons can there be a political party dedicated to increasing the suffering of its own constituents.  At age 77 I have finally heard everything!

And only in a lie-plagued, racist America can people believe that the poor who use food stamps are mostly brown or black.  They aren't.  They are white.  They are whites in solidly Republican districts.

I'm so naive that I thought poor people weren't even allowed to live in Republican areas.  Live and learn!  In one GOP area in Kentucky, a blighted place called Owsley County, Kentucky, half the people are on food stamps.  Yes, I said "half"!

And in this county a whopping 81% of the folks are Republicans!

And get this!  These people are even more white than they are Republican.  They are 98% white!

I'm so dumfounded I can't write any more.

You can check all this out with the New York Times (Timothy Egan, "Red State Pain", Sept. 19) and in Bloomberg News and the US Census for 2010.

My eldest son Dan is right:  "The GOP is the greedy leading the stupid."  Yeah, leading them right to the grave.  But doesn't that make the greedy leaders stupid too?

Anybody want a balloon?    


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