Friday, July 5, 2013

Hey, Grandma Jo and Other Commentators Happening By!

My blog site now won't let me post my replies to your comments unless I choose a "profile" among 6 things I never heard of.  I'll take NSA any time over the craziness of the non-government on-line world.

In its infinite and much-vaunted diagnostic cleverness, the on-line commercial world has concluded that I live over a hundred miles from where I do, am a homosexual looking for guys and am in need of both additional male equipment and (separate ad) Viagra.  All the foregoing although my definitely female name of Dorothy is part of my email address. (Or is "Dorothy" a misleading element?)  The commercial Net world also believes I buy my car insurance in Arkansas instead of in Pennsylvania.  And that I have an overwhelming need of patio furniture even though I have never bought any patio furniture on-line or looked for any.  I don't even have a patio.

So, Grandma Jo, locked out of my own blog by "technology", I'm replying to your comment by way of this post, to wit:

--------   Thanks, Grandma Jo, for the comment on my "Snowden and Zimmerman Are Batman and Robin?".  Maybe it takes a couple of grandmas like us to spot  phonies like Snowden?  Also thanks for reading my stuff for quite a while now.  And don't buy any patio furniture on-line.  Ever.  We must not encourage stupidity, right? ------

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