Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Newt Gingrich Wrote This For Me

One of my readers suggested a week ago that I write about Mitt Romney and his career with Bain Capital in which he and his cohorts sucked millions out of companies, left them to bankruptcy, and ruined the lives of the employees who lost jobs, health care, and pensions. I was diligently adding to my data on this when Newt Gingrich popped up and said, "Don't worry, kiddo. I'll do it for you."

And he sure is! No matter how Newt or Mitt finish tonight in New Hampshire, Newt has handed Mitt's head to the Democrats on a silver platter. All that he has said about Mitt destroying companies is on tape, as are the similar jabs from Mitt's fellow REPUBLICAN contenders! And apparently Newt is just getting started. He is so angry at how Mitt attacked him in Iowa with millions in ads about his past that he now intends do to the same to Mitt in South Carolina. To add to the joy, the $5 million check Newt just got for this purpose comes from a "casino mogul" in Las Vegas.

You can't make this stuff up. Only in America!

So lean back and laugh tonight as a lot of chickens come home to roost. No matter what the rest of 2012 brings, we'll always have this spectacle of Newt chasing Mitt around the chicken yard with a hatchet, leaving Mitt possibly decapitated to face Obama in the general election.

Oops! Mustn't count our decapitated chickens before they're dispatched! Now go get him, Newt!

P.S. Tiffany's reported today that their recent sales volume fell below expectations. Guess Newt's been too busy chopping to go shopping.


  1. The Gingrich campaign has produced a 27 minute movie about Romney and Bain Capital and the job losses. I wonder if they will sell the rights to it to the Obama campaign? Really though, this all shows that the press just isn't doing it's job. The candidates should not have to reveal their rival's dark secrets, the press should be telling the public about all of the candidate's pasts.

    1. Amen. Absolutely. But the news media are run as businesses, and spending on investigative journalism is thus minimal. The Washington Post was, in part, willing to let Woodward and Bernstein dig out the Watergate story because they were very young and very cheap. As for footage about Bain's ruthlessness, the Obama campaign has the footage from Ted Kennedy's successful campaign against Romney for Kennedy's Senate seat. Some of this same footage is in the Gingrich film. So not to worry. But will people be bored with this story as the general election heats up? Let's see what OWS does with it when Spring comes and occupying again becomes possible.