Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are YOU the People Obama Hoped For?

"We are the ones we have been waiting for."

That's what Obama said in 2008. And he got a miracle! We all got a miracle. Remember election night?

So now all we hear about is how disappointed his supporters are. They want things their way. And they want them NOW. It doesn't matter to them that he has a teetering economy on his hands, a viciously opposed House, a financial rating system ready to pull the rug out from under us with more downgrades, and a highly financed lie machine pumping out crap day and night.

"We want what we want and we want it NOW!" That's the voice of Obama's supporters! Are these the people we have been waiting for? Is this the best we can be?

We don't deserve Obama. As he gets grayer and thinner, his supporters whack away at him. And let him down. We lost in 2010 because Democrats sat home. Now they aren't even responding to his plea that they call  Congress and urge passage of the American Jobs Act. You folks won't even make one phone call for that graying, skinny guy who saved the country from economic collapse and gave us a health care act that no prior president could get for 70 years.

You won't make even one measly phone call to Congress?

Backing away from Obama is not smart. And it's dangerous. What do we Democrats really want? A Republican president, House and Senate? A bunch of the GOP's selfish and discredited "solutions" that will tumble us into a financial meltdown, take away our environmental and consumer protections, turn the Supreme Court so far right that our basic liberties are gone, end the entitlement programs? Hey, the crazies were right! Armageddon IS coming!

And it's all OUR fault! As the saying goes, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

Who of Obama's chorus of critics knows anything about running a government? Do you?

Robert Reich is on TV every three minutes whacking at Obama. As Clinton's Secretary of Labor, Reich did NOTHING! Who of Obama's critics has ever done ANYTHING?!

And when did YOU last run a government?  What do you know about the hard choices Obama faces, the ones that are graying his hair and putting deep lines in his cheeks?

Like about oil? Among the ruthlessly greedy are oil speculators poised to drive up the price of oil and make a killing. Their financial killing could also be the killing of our economic recovery as happened earlier this year when they played on fears that the Arab Spring would disrupt supply.

Do you understand why the oil speculators have now backed off? Obama ended their game. That's what his sudden reversal on oil drilling is all about. He has spiked the game of the oil speculators playing on fears of shortage. Of course, the environmentalists are screaming mad. I'm an environmentalist. I helped create the movement back in the 60s. I hate the oil drilling, too. But the President has to do what's best for the country. Gasoline at $4-plus a gallon will end this slow recovery. On the other hand, the Environmental Defense Fund, etc. will be fighting the "approved" oil projects in the courts for years and years. The drilling and pipelines ain't happened until they've happened.

And did you all forget that Obama took BP to the woodshed for $20 BILLION for the Gulf oil leak? Some of that has gone to plaintiffs in the disaster, but there's still BILLIONS in that fund to restore the Gulf Coast to an environmental condition BETTER than at the time of the BP leak. Like restoring the  wetlands previously wiped out by "progress" and the misguided Corps of Engineers.

Yeah, you forgot that one, didn't you? Like you forgot all the other achievements of Obama. Americans have a memory span of two weeks. But I expected better from Obama's supporters. They were smart enough and gutsy enough to support his candidacy against all the odds. I thought they would be smart enough and gutsy enough to stand by their man. I'm disappointed in the us that we were waiting for. We're playing right into the GOP hands.

Perhaps Obama is disappointed in us too.  He sure has the right to be. He's out there in the hustings, pleading for support, for a phone call to your representatives in Congress.

And the switchboards in Washington are silent.

May you get what you deserve. Rick Perry or Mitt Romney. Both lovely men, are they? And a Republican Senate. And a TeaP-strangled House. And a far-right Supreme Court. If I sound bitter, it's nothing compared to how bitter you will be after 2012 when you and your children have to live with what you have done.

And you will try to blame Obama even then. But the fault is not in our stars or in Obama. Grow up and admit it.

We are the ones who will have failed.

Unless it's not too late.....


  1. I'd call, but I don't even have a Congressman to call right now. Our representative was David Wu, the guy in the tiger suit. He just resigned and we're having a special election soon.

  2. This is a wonderful post. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks, PBomb, for your encouragement. Let's keep up the good work together.

  4. Hey, sherifffruitfly! Anybody who can string three fffs together has got to be cool! Thanks for the suggestion about dkos. But it seems that site is self-strangling.