Thursday, August 11, 2011

Democrats' Amazing Wisconsin Wins

Miracles mean something! And Wisconsin now produces miracles as well as cheese.

The Wisconsin recall elections results are truly amazing! The good Dems and labor folks of Wisconsin not only won two of the three State Senate seats needed to reclaim the State Senate majority, but they did so against all odds. In fact, the outcome defies all the rules of traditional election politics. The win is even more stunning than the recent Dem capture of the GOP House seat in upstate New York.

The Wisconsin results smashed through at least FOUR  -  yeah, count 'em!  -  FOUR big barriers that faced the Dems.

First, unseating any incumbent is TOUGH. Incumbents typically have a 95%+  rate of re-election. The Dems ousted TWO INCUMBENTS!

Second, Republicans never lose districts where they have a registration edge. These two districts were reportedly solidly GOP.

Third, Democrats typically lose even those races where the registration is Dem but is below 55% to 60%. This is because Dems are usually flat tires regarding turning out to vote, while GOP voters drag themselves to the polls even with two broken legs. How astonishing, then, that the Dem get-out-the vote effort worked so supremely well in Wisconsin!

Fourth, although this has been changing of late, Dems typically lose special elections because the Dems,who are slow to vote even on regular election days, turn into slugs in a special election.

What does this Wisconsin miracle mean? It means "Yes, We Can" win the 24 House seats we Democrats need to gain in 2012 to get back the majority. (How YOU can make that happen will be the topic of future posts.)

Once we get back the House majority, the "No You Can't" Tea Party House members become irrelevant. No more of their forcing artificial crises on the USA as they did with the debt ceiling, turning a routine matter into a debacle that cost us our triple AAA rating. No more blocking all attempts at job programs coupled with rational debt reduction.

The Tea Party idiot Congress-people who ranted that it was okay for the U.S to default on its debt had an audience. Standard and Poor's was listening! What sort of lunatics brag about possibly defaulting on their debt?! The Tea Party stupidity is part of what has cost the global stock markets trillions of dollars in lost valuation. Was some of that lost money yours?

Like Bobby Kennedy used to say:  "Don't get mad. Get even."

Not just for yourself but for all the unemployed and those who have lost their homes, who are being screwed by the Tea Party's preventing the House from acting to help the economy. George W's horrible economics knocked these folks down, and now the Tea Party in Congress is stomping on their faces. Once we get back control of the House the Tea Party members are toast! Their day is done!

Like the good Democrats of Wisconsin, let's not settle for making cheese. Let's get those 24 House seats, resume the majority, and  get this country moving again. Let's make more miracles!

Yes, We Can! Yes,We WILL!


  1. What kind of idiot boasts about defaulting on a loan? A Tea Party idiot:

    "Tea Party aligned Georgia Rep. Tom Graves (R), who castigates Washington for fiscal irresponsibility, reached an out of court settlement Wednesday after he was sued for defaulting on a $2.2 million loan—which his attorney argued is the bank's fault for lending him the money in the first place."

  2. Nice blog today. I like the part about the cheese. Do you suppose they will be able to recall Governor Walker next year?